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                      What is Behavioral Health?
                      Our Treatment Philosophy
                      Meet Our Leadership
                      24/7 Access to Care
                      Adult Programs
                           Partial Hospitalization
                           Individual and Group Therapy
                           Medication Management
                           Forensic Psychological Evaluations
                      Child and Adolescent Programs
                           Partial Hospitalization
                           School-based Services
                           Medication Management
                      Substance Use Disorder Programs
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                      Mental Health First Aid
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                           Mental Health First Aid Course - Group Registration
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                           Kings Mountain
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                 Cancer Care
                      For Patients
                           New and Existing Patients
                                Your First Appointment
                                Places to Stay
                                Where to Eat
                                Levine Cancer Institute Locations
                           Cancer Types and Programs
                                Palliative Care
                                     Palliative Care FAQs
                                Rehabilitation and Post Acute Care
                                Phase 1
                                REhope Fertility Treatment
                                     REhope for Women
                                     REhope for Men
                                     REhope for Adolescents
                                Patient Navigators
                                Social, Emotional and Practical Support
                                Patient Navigators
                                REhope Fertility Treatment
                                Project Pink
                                Wellness and Exercise
                                Integrative Oncology Services
                                Healing Arts Program
                                Cancer Resources and Organizations
                      For Physicians
                           Breast Surgery Fellowship
                           REhope Physician Referrals
                           Tumor Conferences
                           Physician Publications
                      About Us
                           Research & Administrative Headquarters
                                President's Biography
                                Sandra & Leon Levine
                           News & Media
                           Contact Us
                      Research & Technology
                           Innovative Institute Research
                           Participating in Clinical Trials
                           Clinical Trial Phases
                           Radiation Oncology Program
                                Treatment and Technology Advances
                                     External Beam Treatment Options
                                Quality Assurance
                                Support Services
                      Maps and Directions
                 Children's Services
                      U.S. News & World Report Rankings
                      Emergency Care
                      Heart Care
                      Kidney Disorders
                 Heart Care
                      For Patients
                           Advanced Heart Failure, Ventricular Assist Devices and Transplant
                                Heart Failure
                                Heart Transplant
                                     The Transplant Evaluation and Waiting Process
                                LifeShare Donor Program
                                Heart Success
                                Mechanical Circulatory Support and VAD
                                Pediatric Heart Transplant
                                Meet the Team
                                For Physicians
                           Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
                                For Patients
                                Why Choose Us
                                Learn About ACHD
                                     ACHD Support Group Confirmation
                                Pediatric to Adult Transition
                                Our Team of Experts
                                Surgical Expertise
                                For Physicians
                           Conditions and Treatments
                                Aortic Disease and Aneurysms
                                Coronary Artery Disease
                                Cardiac Rehabilitation
                                Heart Attack Care
                                     Chest Pain Network
                                Heart Valve Disease
                                Heart Rhythm Care
                                     Center for Atrial Fibrillation
                                Open Heart Surgery
                                Pediatric Cardiology
                                Vascular Medicine and Surgery
                                     Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
                           Heart Health and Wellness
                           Support Groups
                                ICD Support Group Event Registration
                                Heart Failure Support Group Registration
                           Video Library
                      For Physicians
                           Continuing Education
                           Services and Capabilities
                      About Us
                           Clinical Research at Sanger
                           Mission & Vision
                           Community Benefit
                      Maps and Directions
                      For Patients
                           Neurological Conditions
                                     Epilepsy Information
                                          Epilepsy Treatment Options
                                     Carolinas Epilepsy Network
                                General Neurology
                                Multiple Sclerosis
                                Neuromuscular Disease/ALS
                                Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders
                                     RENEW Carolinas
                                Pediatric Neurology
                                     Pediatric Neurosurgery
                                     Stroke Information
                                     Stroke Signs and Symptoms
                                          Take the Pledge
                                     Carolinas Stroke Network
                           Clinical Trials
                                Pending Trials
                                Non-Enrolling Studies
                           Support Groups/Classes
                      For Physicians
                           Spine Surgery
                           Physician Newsletter Sign Up
                      Maps and Directions
                      Foot and Ankle
                      Hand and Wrist
                      Limb Lengthening
                           About Our Program
                           Meet the Experts
                           For Referring Physicians
                      Neck, Back and Spine Injuries
                      Orthopedic Rehabilitation
                      Pediatric Orthopedics
                      Shoulder and Elbow
                      Sports Medicine & Injury Care
                           Athletic Training
                                Carolinas Concussion Network
                           Event Medicine
                                Request for Services
                                Medical Coverage
                                Request for Medical Coverage
                                Team Affiliations
                           Sports Medicine & Injury Care Locations
                      Total Joint Replacement - Hip and Knee
                      Trauma-Related Injuries
                      Forward Motion Newsletter
                 Primary Care
                      Why Do I Need a Primary Care Doctor?
                      Preventive Care
                      Family Medicine
                      Internal Medicine
                      About Us
                           Our Team
                           Charitable Giving
                           News and Media
                      For Patients and Families
                           Clinical Social Work
                           Community Programs and Support Groups
                                Project STAR
                                Adaptive Sports & Adventures Program
                                Cycle to the Sea
                           Financial Assistance
                           Patient Stories
                           Visiting Hours, Lodging and Dining
                      Inpatient Care
                           Amputee Rehabilitation
                           Brain Injury
                                Robot-Assisted Gait Training
                                Upper Extremity Restoration
                                Project STAR
                                The Brain Injury Team
                                Meet the Brain Injury Physicians
                           Cancer Rehabilitation
                                The Cancer Rehabilitation Team
                                Meet the Cancer Rehabilitation Providers
                           Medical Rehabilitation
                           Pediatric Rehabilitation
                           Spinal Cord Injury
                                Robot-Assisted Gait Training
                                Ventilator and Respiratory Care
                                Diaphragm Pacing
                                The Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Team
                                Meet the Spinal Cord Injury Physicians
                                The Stroke Team
                                Meet the Stroke Care Physicians
                      Outpatient Care
                           Amputee Rehabilitation
                           Audiologic Rehabilitation
                           Better Balance Program
                           Brain Injury
                           Carolinas Concussion Network
                           Charlotte Continence Center
                           Occupational Therapy
                           Pediatric Rehabilitation
                                Pediatric Services
                           Pelvic Therapy
                           Physical Therapy
                           RENEW Carolinas
                           Robot-Assisted Gait Training
                           Speech Therapy
                           Spine Therapy
                           Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention
                           Wheelchair Seating Clinic
                           Workers' Compensation
                      For Healthcare Professionals
                           Referring Patients
                           Research and Clinical Trials
                           Within Your Reach Newsletter
                           Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Symposium
                      Research and Clinical Trials
                      Maps and Locations - Inpatient and Outpatient
                      Volunteer Opportunities
                      Bariatric Surgery
                           Am I a Candidate for Bariatric Surgery?
                           Surgical Weight Loss
                           Non-Surgical Weight Loss
                           Adolescent Weight Management
                           Pathway to Surgery
                           Education and Support
                           Patient Testimonials
                           Map & Directions
                      Robotic Surgery
                      Minimally Invasive Surgery
                      Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
                      Colorectal Surgery
                           Meet the Team
                      Adrenal Services
                      Liver and Pancreas Treatment
                           Physician Publications and References
                      Carolinas Laparoscopic and Advanced Surgery Program (CLASP)
                           Carolinas Equation for Quality of Life - CeQOL
                                Educational Materials
                                Videos and Podcasts
                                About Us
                           CLASP Surgeons
                           CLASP - Research / Publications / Abstracts and Awards
                           Carolinas Comfort Scale
                           CLASP Fellowship / Residency / Internship Program
                           CLASP Patient Forms
                      Heart Transplant
                      Kidney and Pancreas Transplant
                           Living Donors
                           Patient Resources
                           Patient Testimonials
                           Kidney Transplant Program Highlights
                           Kidney Transplantation in the HIV Population
                           Maps and Directions
                      Liver Transplant
                           Why Choose CMC?
                           For Patients
                           Patient Education
                           Support Person(s)
                           Meet the Liver Transplant Team
                           Online Resources
                      For Referring Physicians
                           Kidney and Pancreas Referrals
                           Heart Transplant Referrals
                           Liver Transplant Referrals
                      Specialty Programs
                      LifeShare of the Carolinas
                 Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
                      Trauma Care Overview
                           Who We Are
                           What is a Trauma Center
                      Trauma Care Locations
                           Carolinas Medical Center's F.H. 'Sammy' Ross Jr. Center
                           Hemby Pediatric Trauma Institute
                           Violence Prevention Committee
                                Camp RESOLVE
                                Carlton G. Watkins Award
                      Carolinas Trauma Network
                           Carolinas Trauma Network Research Center of Excellence
                      Trauma Research
                      Patient Resources
                           Dining and Lodging
                           Maps and Directions
                      Virtual Critical Care
                      For Providers
                           M-TAC Advisory Council
                                M-TAC Members
                      Medical Education
                           Surgical Residency
                           Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
                           Medical Student Summer Scholars
                           Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship
                           Center for Prehospital Medicine
                      Disaster Preparedness
                           Carolinas Med-1
                                Emergency Managers
                                Hospital Leaders
                                Contact Us
                 Women's Services
                      Fetal Care
                      Infertility and Reproduction
                           Schedule Your Appointment
                           Frequently Asked Questions
                      Breast Health
                      Pelvic Health
                      Heart Disease
                           Are You at Risk?
                      Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
                      Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
                      Women's Center for Pelvic Health
                           The Pain of Endometriosis
                           Urinary Incontinence
                           Fecal Incontinenence
                           Urinary or Fecal Fistula
                           Pelvic Organ Prolapse
                           Minimally Invasive Surgery
                                Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery
                                Patient Testimonials
                                Single Incision Laparascopy & Laparo-Endoscopic Single Site
                                Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
                                Robotic Surgery
                           Advanced Surgical Specialties for Women
                      Tips For Breastfeeding
                      Lactation Support
                 All Services
                 Cancer Care Locations
                 Emergency Departments
                 Heart Care Locations
                 Imaging Sites
                 Outpatient Rehabilitation
                 Physician Offices
                 Urgent Cares
                 More Locations
            Health Resources
                 Research and Clinical Trials
                      About Us
                           Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
                           Office of Clinical and Translational Research
                           Office of Grants, Contracts & Funding
                           Research Affairs and Facility Management
                                John Watts
                           Research Finance
                                Budget Development
                                Research Patient Billing
                                Sponsor Invoicing
                                Project Accounting
                           Summer Research Scholars
                      Research Compliance
                      Our Research
                           Departments, Centers & Institutes
                                The Liver-Biliary-Pancreatic Center and Digestive Disease Center
                                     Liver Digestive and Metabolic Disorders Laboratory
                                          Herbert Bonkovsky
                                          Weihong Hou
                                          Hossein Sendi
                                          GuQi Wang
                                Dickson Institute for Health Studies
                                Carolinas Center for Injury Prevention
                                Behavioral Health Research
                                Emergency Medicine
                                     P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, MPH, MS, NRP
                                Family Medicine
                                Internal Medicine
                                McKay Urology
                                Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                Oral Medicine
                                     Jean-Luc Mougeot
                                Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                     Sheri Bartel, M. Ed., CBIST
                                     Mark A. Newman, PhD, MPH
                                     William Clay, MPA
                                     Marybeth P. Whitney, BSN, RN, CCRC
                                     Mark A. Hirsch, PhD
                                     Janet P. Niemeier, PhD, ABPP
                                     Rashmi Pershad
                                     Tami Pringnitz Guerrier, BS, CTRS, CBIT
                                     Tobias Tsai, MD
                                     Jesse Lieberman, MD, MSPH
                                     Carolinas Rehabilitation Research Laboratories
                                Primary Care Research
                                     Primary Care Research Services
                                     Contact Primary Care Research
                           Research Core Facilities & Support Services
                                Molecular Biology Facility
                                     Nury Steuerwald
                                Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility
                                     Sunil Hwang
                                     Jin-Gyun Lee
                                     Antonis J. Pavlopoulos
                                Imaging Core Facility
                                Comparative Medicine Facility
                                Immune Monitoring Core (IMC) Laboratory
                                     David M. Foureau
                                Research Pharmacy
                           Research Laboratories
                                Pediatric Muscular Dystrophy Laboratory
                                     Susan Sparks
                                Liver Pathobiology Laboratory
                                     Laura W. Schrum
                                     Paul G. Thomes, PhD
                                     Ting Li
                                     Marjan Mehrab-Mohseni
                                Proteomics Laboratory for Clinical and Translational Research
                                     Kimberly Q. McKinney
                                     Antonis J. Pavlopoulos
                                     Jin-Gyun Lee
                                     Sunil Hwang
                                Orthopaedic Engineering Research Laboratory
                                     Richard Peindl
                                Orthopaedic Biology Research Laboratory
                                     Helen Gruber
                                     Yubo Sun
                                OB/GYN Research Laboratory
                                     James Hall
                                     Bradley Hurst
                                     Paul Marshburn
                                     David Tait
                                McColl-Lockwood Laboratory for Muscular Dystrophy Research
                                     Hiroyuki Awano
                                     Anthony Blaeser
                                     Qi Long Lu
                                     Charles Vannoy
                                     Mingxing Wang
                                     Bo Wu
                                     Xiaohua Wu
                                Neuromuscular / ALS Research Laboratory
                                     Benjamin Rix Brooks
                                     Mohammed Sanjak
                                Emergency Medicine Research Laboratory
                                Hematologic Oncology Translational Laboratory
                                Oral Medicine Research Laboratory
                                     Farah Mougeot
                                General Surgery Research Laboratory
                                     Susan Evans
                                     B. Todd Heniford
                                     Toan Huynh
                                     David Iannitti
                                     Amy E. Lincourt
                                     Iain McKillop
                 Classes and Events
            Online Tools
                 Carolinas Mobile Apps
                 Center for Advanced Practice
                      About Us
                           Acute Care Surgery: Trauma/Surgical Critical Care
                           Behavioral Health
                           Pediatric Neurology
                           Family Medicine
                           Emergency Medicine
                           Internal Medicine
                           Medical Critical Care
                           Palliative Care
                           Pediatric Medicine
                           Urgent Care
                      Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
                      Physical Therapy Residencies
                           Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency
                           Orthopaedic Clinical Physical Therapy Residency
                      Contact Us
                 Center for Faculty Excellence
                      Faculty Highlights
                      CFE Online Library
                      CFE Fellows
                      Faculty Development Advisory Committee
                      On-Demand Offerings
                           Request for On-Demand Offerings
                      CFE Series
                      Awards and Grants Opportunities
                      CFE Resources
                 Center for Life Support Education
                 Carolinas Simulation Center
                      Our Vision and Mission
                      Meet Our Staff
                      Simulation Equipment
                      Standardized Patients
                           Additional Publications
                 Center for Prehospital Medicine
                      Faculty and Staff
                           Meet Our Faculty
                      Paramedic Program
                      Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
                 DOT NRCME
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                 Mercy School of Nursing
                      Current Students
                           Nursing Curriculum
                                Required Courses
                                Curriculum Description
                           Map and Directions
                           Facilities and Services
                           Academic Calendar
                           Tuition and Fees
                      Letter from Dean
                           Alumni Newsletters
                           Ordering Transcripts
                      About Mercy School of Nursing
                           Our History
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                 Pastoral Education
                      Clergy and Community Relations
                      Spiritual Direction
                           Meet Our Staff
                      Clinical Pastoral Education Program
                           Component Sites
                           Staff Profiles
                           Application for Programs
                 Physician Fellowships
                      Gastroenterology Fellowship
                           4th Year Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship
                      Hematology/Medical Oncology Fellowship
                      Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
                      Trauma Fellowship Program
                      Research Fellowship
                      Toxicology Fellowship
                      Transplant Hepatology Fellowship
                      Ultrasound Fellowship
                 Physician Residencies
                      Program Directory
                      Emergency Medicine
                           Message from the Program Director
                           Residency Applicants
                           Medical Student Rotation
                           Resident Education
                                Contact Us
                                Elective Opportunities
                           Chairman's Corner
                                Class of 2018
                                Class of 2014
                                Class of 2015
                                Class of 2016
                                Class of 2017
                           Salary and Benefits
                           Honors & Awards
                           EMS Fellowship Program
                           Peer Reviewers
                      Family Medicine
                           Message from the Residency Director
                           Applicant Criteria
                                Guidelines for Personal Statement
                           Integrative Medicine
                           International Applicants
                           Medical Student Rotations
                           Residents and Alumni
                                Class of 2015
                                Class of 2016
                                Class of 2017
                                Class of 2018
                           Salary and Benefits
                           Teaching Opportunities
                           Urban Track
                           Contact Us
                           About Charlotte
                      General Practice Residency & Oral Medicine Programs
                           House Staff Benefits
                           Visiting Professors
                           General Practice Residency (GPR)
                                Program Overview and Goals
                                General Practice Training / Clinical Rotations
                                Didactic Program
                                Chief Residency Year
                                     Entire Faculty
                           Oral Medicine Residency (OMR)
                                The Field of Oral Medicine
                                Program Overview
                                Research Program
                                Clinical Rotations and Goals
                                Curriculum Year 1
                                Curriculum Year 2
                      Internal Medicine
                           Welcome from the Chair and Program Director
                           Program Overview
                                Daily Structure
                                Call Schedule
                                FAQs About Inpatient Months
                                ICUs and ED
                                Consults and Electives
                           Outpatient Clinics
                                Where Do Our Residents Come From?
                                Class of 2018
                                Class of 2017
                                Class of 2016
                           Fellowships and Private Practice
                           Resident Scholarship
                           Quality Improvement
                           Resident Testimonials
                           About Charlotte
                           Medical Student Information
                           Salary and Benefits
                           Application Information
                           Contact Us
                      Orthopedic Surgery
                           Clinical Faculty
                           Research Faculty
                           Current Residents
                           Residency Program Overview
                           Clinical Rotation Structure
                           Resident Education
                           Resident Research Overview
                           Orthopedic Surgery Facilities
                           Resident Salary and Benefits
                           Orthopedic Care Team
                           Residency Alumni
                           Recent Department Publications
                           Residency Application Information
                           Rotating Medical Student Application Information
                           About Charlotte
                           Activities Outside the Hospital
                           Contact Us
                      Obstetrics and Gynecology
                           PGY-4 Year
                           PGY-3 Year
                           PGY-2 Year
                           PGY-1 Year
                                Class of 2016
                                Class of 2017
                                Class of 2018
                                Class of 2019
                           Fellowships & Private Practice
                           Top Reasons to Choose CMC
                           Salary and Benefits
                           Application Process
                           About Charlotte
                           Curriculum and Divisions
                           Contact Us
                           Pediatrics Residency Video
                           Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
                 School of Nurse Anesthesia
                      Admission Requirements
                      Program Information
                      Application Information
                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
            Contact Us
            Carolinas HealthCare System Anson
            Carolinas HealthCare System Cleveland
            Carolinas HealthCare System Harrisburg
            Carolinas HealthCare System Huntersville
            Carolinas HealthCare System Kannapolis
            Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln
                 Calendar of Events for Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln
            Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast
                 Calendar of Events-CMC-NorthEast
            Carolinas HealthCare System Pineville
            Carolinas HealthCare System Steele Creek
            Carolinas HealthCare System SouthPark
            Carolinas HealthCare System Union
                 Calendar of Events for CMC-Union
            Carolinas HealthCare System University
            Carolinas HealthCare System Waxhaw
            Carolinas Medical Center
            Carolinas Rehabilitation
            Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy
            Carolinas College of Health Sciences
            Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
            Levine Children’s Hospital
            Morehead Medical Plaza
            Terms of Use
            Digestive Health
                 ge confirmed
                 Cutting Edge Techniques
                 How to Get Started
                 About Charlotte
            75 Years of Carolinas HealthCare System
                 Photo Gallery
            HPB Training
            Mooresville Family Medicine
            Belmont Family Medicine
            FPMRS Fellowship
                 Letter from the Program Director
                 Application Requirements
                 About Charlotte
                 Contact Us
            Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
                 About Carolinas HealthCare System
                 Training Sites
                 About Charlotte
            Senior Care
            Carolinas HealthCare System Ophthalmology Care
            Carolinas Hernia Institute
                 Understanding a Hernia
                 Treatment for Hernias
                 Hernia Resources
                      Carolinas Comfort Scale
                      In the News
                      Videos and Podcasts
                 For Physicians
                      Fellowship Program
                      Summer Internship Program
                 Maps & Directions
            General Surgery
                 Program Director's Message
                 Application Requirements
                 Surgery Curriculum
                 About Charlotte
                 Contact Us
            Carolinas Surgical Skills Center
                 Key Features
                 Conference Capabilities
                 Center Availability
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            Global Patient Services
            Neurological Surgery
            Hospice of Union County
            Operational and Disaster Medicine
                 Disaster Operations
            Pharmacy Residencies
            Outcomes Research
                 About Us
                      Analytics Capabilities and Data Capacity
                      Community Impact
                 Our Team
                      Michael Dulin, MD, PhD
                      Hazel Tapp, PhD
                      Yhenneko Taylor, PhD
                      Lindsay Kuhn, PA
                      Andrew McWilliams, MD, MPH
                      Tami Alkhazraji, MSPH
                      Kelly Reeves, RN, BSN
                      Lauren Mowrer, BA
                      Peer-Reviewed Publications
                      Clinical Trials
                      Community Research and Engagement
                      Implementation Science
                      Population Health and Informatics
                 Products and Services
                 News, Events & Publications
            Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency
            Sports Medicine Fellowship
            UNC School of Medicine Charlotte Campus
                 New Student Information
                 Student Services
                      Healthcare and Wellness
                      Academic Advising
                      IT Support
                 UNC Academy of Educators
                 Overview of Curricular Programs
                 Clinical Appointment Program
                 For Community Preceptors
                 Academic Calendar
                 Contact Us
            Vascular Surgery
                 Residency Applicants
                 Educational Goals and Objectives
                 Salary and Benefits
                 Contact Us
                 About Charlotte
            Carolinas Hospitalist Group
            Carolinas Weight Loss Surgery
            Christopherson Family Medicine
            Rheumatology Care
            Carolinas Weight Management
            ID Consultants & Infusion Care Specialists
            Rocky River Pediatrics
            Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute
            Suburban Pediatrics
            University Internal Medicine
            Charlotte Internal Medicine and Specialty Group
            Union Surgical Associates
            Levine Cancer Institute
            Cabarrus OB/GYN
            CMC Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
            Rutherford Internal Medicine Associates
            Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
                 What is an EAP?
                 Prevention and Wellness
                 How EAP Can Help
                 Accessing EAP
                 About EAP
                 EAP Services
                 Prospective Members
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Becoming an Affiliate
            Shelby Women's Care
            Shelby Family Practice
            Shelby Family Practice-Boiling Springs
            Shiland Family Medicine - Rock Hill
            Stanly Gastroenterology and Digestive Health Center
            Albemarle Surgical Associates
            Cotswold Pediatrics
            Richfield Medical Services
            Troy Medical Services
            Albemarle Medical Services
            Locust Medical Services
            Mt. Gilead Medical Services
            Norwood Medical Services
            Oakboro Medical Services
            Shiland Family Medicine - Fort Mill
            SouthPoint Internal
            Internal Medicine Associates
            Cleveland Internal Medicine
            South Charlotte Primary Care
            Cabarrus Family Medicine
            Carmel Family Physicians
            CMC Orthopaedic Surgery
            Concord Internal Medicine
            Cleveland Endocrinology
            Cleveland Pulmonary and Sleep Associates
            Carolinas Sleep Services
            Carolinas Diabetes Center
            CMC Surgery
            Charlotte Pediatric Clinic
            Carolinas Center for Oral Health
            Cherryville Primary Care
            Carolina Neurological Clinic
            Bessemer City Family Medicine
            Arboretum Pediatrics
            Carolina Endoscopy Centers
            CMC-Elizabeth Family Medicine
            Cabarrus Pediatrics
            NorthEast Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
             Copperfield Internal Medicine
            Cotswold Family Medicine
            Davidson Clinic
            Dove Internal Medicine
            Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics of the Carolinas
            East Lincoln Primary Care
            East Charlotte Family Physicians
            Eastover University OB/GYN
            Ardsley Internal Medicine
            Eastridge Family Medicine
            Edison Square Family Medicine
            Concord Women's Specialty Care
            Carolina Internal Medicine
            Barnett Family Practice
            CMC Orthopaedic Surgery-Lincoln
            Carolinas Hematology-Oncology Associates
            Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute-Shelby
            Mecklenburg Medical Group
            Northcross OB/GYN
            NorthEast Dermatology
            Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute
            Carolinas Gastroenterology Centers
            Charlotte OB/GYN
            NorthEast Psychiatric Services
            Carolinas Psychiatry and Behavioral Wellness
            Copperfield OB/GYN
            Carolinas Back and Sports Specialists
            Carolinas HealthCare System Children's Urgent Care
            Charlotte Medical Clinic
            Cleveland Plastic and Hand Surgery
            Eastover OB/GYN
            CMC Women's Institute
                 Our Embryology Team
            Carolinas HealthCare Urgent Care
            Foothills Family Healthcare
            Gastonia Children's Clinic
            Greater Carolinas Women's Center
            GYN Care of the Carolinas
            Harrisburg Family Physicians
            Huntersville Oaks
            Indian Trail Family Medicine
            Indian Trail Pediatrics
            Kannapolis Internal Medicine
            Kings Mountain Internal Medicine
            Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute-Klein
            Lake Park Family Practice
            Levine Cancer Institute-Albemarle
            Levine Cancer Institute-Ballantyne
            Levine Cancer Institute-Carolina Lakes
            Levine Cancer Institute-Cleveland
            Levine Cancer Institute-Concord
            Levine Cancer Institute-Lincolnton
            Levine Cancer Institute-Mallard Creek
            Levine Cancer Institute-Matthews
            Levine Cancer Institute-Monroe, a facility of Carolinas HealthCare System Union
            Levine Cancer Institute-Pineville
            Levine Cancer Institute-Rock Hill
            Levine Cancer Institute-SouthPark
            Levine Cancer Institute-Tryon
            Levine Cancer Institute-University
            Lincoln Family Practice
            Matthews Primary Care
            Medical Group of Waxhaw
            Northside Internal Medicine
            McKay Urology
            Medical Associates of Fort Mill
            Mooresville Internal Medicine Associates
            NorthEast Women's Health & Obstetrics
            Mint Hill Primary Care
            North Charlotte Medical Specialists Huntersville
            NorthCross Family Physicians
            Medical Associates of Rock Hill
            McAlister OB/GYN Associates
            Pediatric Associates
            Midland Family Medicine
            Pageland Family Medicine
            Piedmont Pediatrics
            NorthEast Infectious Diseases
            North Charlotte Medical Specialists University
            NorthEast Critical Care Associates
            Piedmont GYN/OB
            NorthEast Pediatric Endocrinology
            Rock Hill Pediatric Associates
            Palmetto Pediatrics
            NorthEast Internal & Integrative Medicine
            Weddington Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
            NorthEast Lung Associates
            Perspective Health & Wellness
            Shelby Children's Clinic
            Waxhaw Pediatrics
            NorthEast Endocrinology
            NorthEast Pediatric Pulmonology
            NorthEast Inpatient Services
            Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences Institute-Neurology
            Pediatric Medical Associates
            NorthEast Rheumatology
            Occupational Medicine Services
            Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists
            Randolph Internal Medicine
            Riverwood Medical Associates
            Rutherford Pediatrics
            Providence Pediatrics
            Piedmont Orthopedic Specialists
            Riverbend Family Practice-Mount Holly
            Riverbend Family Practice-Mountain Island Lake
            Carolinas HealthCare System Integrative Health
            Sardis Oaks
            Jesse Helms
            South Lake Pediatrics
            Union Breast Surgery Specialists
            Union Endocrinology Associates
            Union OB/GYN
            Union Family Practice
            Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
            University Pediatrics
            Union Pediatrics
            Union Primary Care
            Weddington Family Medicine
            West Lincoln Family Medicine
       Research and Clinical Trials
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