Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute is a regional leader in diagnosing and treating lung cancer. Our team of experts is focused on using the latest technologies, treatments and research to provide you with the highest quality of care.

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Lung Cancer Diagnosis

If lung cancer is suspected, your doctor may recommend several tests to diagnose or rule out the disease. Based on your individual needs, your doctor can determine the best diagnostic method for you.

Lung Cancer Diagnostic Options Include:

  • Physical exam
  • Extensive medical history
  • Imaging tests (CT scan, Pet scan, MRI)
  • Biopsy (using minimally invasive techniques)

Lung Cancer Treatment

There are several approaches to treating lung cancer. Offering advanced and comprehensive treatment plans, our team includes experts from many fields, including pulmonology medical oncology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, pathology and surgery – ensuring that every aspect of care is covered.

Lung Cancer Treatment Options Include:

  • Advanced surgical techniques  most surgeries are performed with video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
  • Immunotherapy  (also called biologic therapy) uses medicines to stimulate a patient’s own immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells more effectively
  • Chemotherapy  use targeted medicines that result in fewer toxic side effects
  • Advanced, targeted radiation therapy  uses advanced technology to target and destroy cancer cells while limiting exposure of healthy tissue

Clinical Trials

Levine Cancer Institute provides access to the latest and most innovative clinical trials in all aspects of evaluation and treatment of lung cancer.

Learn more about our lung cancer clinical trials.

Cancer Support Programs 

The cancer care process can feel confusing and overwhelming at times – often involving physical, financial and emotional challenges for you and your family. From diagnosis to survivorship, we have numerous resources available to support you during your treatment experience.

Learn more about our cancer support programs.

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