Pediatric Neurology is a challenging specialty that addresses symptoms and/or hindrances related to the nervous system among infant, child and adolescent populations. New providers are commonly challenged by the complexities of these clinical disorders and opportunities for advanced training in are rare.

The Pediatric Neurology Fellowship at Carolinas HealthCare System offers a one-of-a-kind post graduate experience for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The 12-month transition to practice program expands the practitioners’ proficiencies and expertise in areas such as epileptic seizures, headache and pain syndromes, delays in development as well as effective communication with parents and other support figures.

Fellows cultivate advanced clinical competencies through a unique blend of didactics, practice sessions, clinical rotations and self-assessment tools that ultimately increase provider confidence in either an inpatient or ambulatory setting.

Fellowship Focus:

  • Patient history
  • Time course of symptoms
  • Related findings on physical examination,
  • Critical diagnostic studies

Clinical Settings

Fellows are considered active members of the Carolinas Pediatric Neurology Care team that serves both Levine Children’s Hospital (Charlotte NC) and Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital (Concord NC), and they are encouraged to participate in regular conferences with other providers.  Faculty for the CHS Pediatric Neurology Fellowship include both physicians and nurse practitioners with experience in a variety of hospital and office settings.  They are all effective and enthusiastic mentors committed to equipping you with essential definitions, strong problem-solving skills, and effective management strategies. You will also be linked to one of them specifically to serve as your advocate and advisor during the course of the year, as we track both your comfort with and your ability for independent practice. 

Pediatric Neurology fellows perform alongside a cohesive team of physicians and advanced clinical practitioners in both office settings as well as both Levine Children’s Hospital (Charlotte NC) and Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital (Concord NC). This well rounded team of expert providers is enthusiastic mentors committed to preparing participants with the fundamental definitions and problem-solving skills, as well as effective management strategies that are essential for well-rounded providers.

Comprehensive Post-Graduate Approach

Opportunities for advanced training in Pediatric Neurology are rare, and the CHS Fellowship offers a unique combination of didactic sessions, practice sessions, clinical rotations and self-assessment tools that prepare an ACP to excel in either an inpatient or ambulatory setting.   The curriculum addresses practical and vital aspects of diverse topics:                   . 

  • Neurologic examination of infants and children
  • Useful anatomy of the nervous system
  • Common metabolic and genetic disorders
  • Disorders of muscle strength and coordination
  • Tics and movement disorders
  • Changes in awareness or consciousness
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Pain and headache management
  • Concussion and brain injury
  • Disorders of sleep and autonomic function
  • Complications of difficulty pregnancy or birth 
  • Inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
  • Neurologic manifestations of medical illnesses
  • Neuroimaging, EEG and other diagnostic tools
  • Essential pharmacology and complementary treatments