The Neurosciences Institute’s Carolinas Multiple Sclerosis Center is recognized as a leader in research and treatment by the National MS Society. Our nationally known, fellowship-trained specialists partner with you from diagnosis to management to physical therapy, helping you reach and sustain maximum functionality as you live with MS. And, we give you the care and support you need every step of way.

Our comprehensive program is equipped to handle the wide range of symptoms that typically make the disease difficult to treat. We address every aspect of your MS, providing physical, emotional, cognitive and rehabilitation support. We also participate in research studies that offer the most innovative therapies.

Multiple Sclerosis Therapies and Support Services

Our program offers very specialized care, including the following:

  • Advanced infusion therapies
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Dietary support from dedicated MS dietitians
  • Social services, including counseling for depression and anxiety
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Access to Clinical Trials for Multiple Sclerosis

Through Carolinas Multiple Sclerosis Center, you and your family have access to leading-edge clinical research and trials. The significant clinical research opportunities available to patients range from genetic studies to trials for new treatments. Our specialists are nationally recognized for their contributions to MS research and have conducted more than 63 research trials since 1993.

Meet the Team of Multiple Sclerosis Specialists

Jill Conway, MD
Donna Graves, MD
Linda Moore, NP

Location Providing  Multiple Sclerosis Care

Neurosciences Institute-Neurology Charlotte
1010 Edgehill Road North
Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: 704-446-1900
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