From education and prevention to management and treatment, Carolinas HealthCare System is your partner for complete diabetes care. We treat more people with diabetes than any other health system in the Carolinas – and we put this expertise to work for you. We offer the full range of care for Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), including:

  • Extensive care and education for diabetes management, such as medicine use, blood sugar monitoring and insulin pump training
  • Nutrition counseling, including personalized meal plans

Managing Your Type 2 Diabetes

Our nationally recognized programs and our team of primary care doctors, endocrinologists, nurses, certified diabetes educators and registered dieticians work together to achieve one goal: helping you fight – and live better with – diabetes. If you’re living with Type 2 diabetes, you can control your disease – it doesn’t have to control you. Our specially trained experts offer the personalized care and support you need to avoid complications and stay on top of your condition.

In addition to customized treatments and ongoing support, our Type 2 diabetes care focuses on patient education and includes:

  • Advanced meal planning
  • Medication management
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Insulin injection techniques
  • Insulin pump therapy
  • Prevention of diabetes complications

Preventing Diabetes

We’re equally committed to stopping Type 2 diabetes before it starts. Our award-winning Pre-D Challenge offers education, screenings and lifestyle programs throughout the community – all designed to help you prevent Type 2 diabetes.

Take the Pre-D Challenge to find out if you could have a higher chance of developing diabetes. If you do, get the resources you need to help reverse your risk, including joining a diabetes prevention program.

Meet the Diabetes Care and Endocrinology Team

Meet our team.

Diabetes Management and Education Locations

For dedicated diabetes care and programs, see this list of locations.