Carolinas HealthCare System’s Dickson Advanced Analytics (DA²) uses innovative tools and technologies to help medical providers deliver the best possible care. We integrate and analyze clinical data to manage the health of individual patients and of communities, and to develop analytics models that can be used to predict population health trends.

By harnessing data across healthcare settings, DA² drives solutions that help advance performance metrics and business intelligence to improve the wellbeing and experience of all patients.

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DA² Integrated Technologies and Collaborative Relationships

The following collaborations and technologies, led by DA² support nationwide and organizational priorities, create value and promote the best patient experience:

Data Alliance Collaborative

In 2013, Carolinas HealthCare System joined other healthcare systems and information technology experts, IBM and Premier healthcare alliance, to launch the Data Alliance Collaborative (DAC), a first-of-its-kind national initiative to improve population health through data analytics and business intelligence.

Members of the DAC share their experiences and expertise in healthcare and analytics to develop solutions that integrate data across healthcare settings and that allow health systems to use the same data model and information, enhancing the value of patient care delivery.

Integrated Technologies and Tools

These innovative capabilities create value and promote a better patient experience:

Enterprise Data Warehouse: This intensive effort brought together information for more than 5 million Carolinas HealthCare System patients into one place that includes 10 terabytes of data – equivalent to storing the entire print collection of the Library of Congress. It integrates patient information within minutes from a wide range of sources, including clinical, billing and claims data.

Readmission Risk Analytics: This point-of-care tool can predict, with 80 percent accuracy, a patient’s risk of being readmitted within 30 days of discharge. It allows providers to view patients’ risk information in real time, as it pulls data from patients’ electronic medical records, and it helps identify interventions and create individual discharge care plans to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Payor Claims Analytics: Carolinas HealthCare System is one of the first providers to integrate claims and clinical data and show quality and value of this data to stakeholders. Using this capability, the system can analyze insurance claims to find patients who need additional care or services to prevent future complications, including hospitalizations. It can produce population, employer group and individual analysis.

Ambulatory Care Analytics: This analytics tool provides benchmarking in ambulatory (outpatient) settings and allows providers to examine care and disease trends in 30 million patients, across the system and the nation. It also helps provide clinical, billing and claims data that can be used to compare, analyze and identify clinical best practices near real time.

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