Catastrophes happen. Whether weather-related such as a hurricane, tornado or other damaging event, or an act of terrorism or other purposeful violence, people will need healthcare in a disaster. When hospital infrastructure is damaged or capacity diminished, the need for surge relief can be very real, and may last for weeks. Carolinas MED-1 is a mobile hospital that provides that care, and is the first of its kind.

Carolinas MED-1 Capabilities and Requirements


  • MED-1 travels as two 53-foot tractor trailers plus other support vehicles
  • Completely self-sustaining for the first 72 hours using generators or local shore power
  • 1,000-square-foot patient care component, equipped and staffed to manage minor to severe emergency medical conditions, including operative trauma surgery and intensive medical care
  • Six critical care beds, including two isolated beds where surgical procedures may be performed
  • Full trauma surgery and anesthetic capabilities
  • Emergency department acute care beds and a dental/EENT chair

Physical Requirements:

  • Hard surface, preferably a concrete pad, although asphalt is acceptable
  • The footprint of the hospital only — without the deployable tent — is 120 x 25 feet, plus nearby space to park the accompanying supply unit
  • In the unusual event that the tent should be deployed to increase capacity for patient care, dormitory or other uses, that footprint would be 120 x 120 feet

The following may also be deployed according to need:

  • Shower/laundry truck
  • Dormitory facilities (36-foot and 20-foot equipment trailers plus tow vehicles)
  • Maintenance truck (ambulance-sized vehicle)
  • Vehicle for towing
  • SUV for staff transportation

Carolinas MED-1 Recruitment

Carolinas MED-1 is always looking for sharp, motivated team members. Our staff is divided into three branches: clinical, operational and logistical, and advisory. On our clinical team are the physicians, nurses, therapists and paramedics needed to staff a self-contained hospital. All staff must be employed by Carolinas HealthCare System.


Our clinical staff currently work in, and have extensive experience with, an emergency department, operating room, or intensive care setting, or are paramedics actively employed with a 911 EMS system. Physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine, general or orthopedic surgery, or anesthesiology.

Operations and Logistics

Our logistics and operations teams are the backbone of Carolinas MED-1. Because a disaster setting can be serious, MED-1 is designed to be fully self-contained. Our logistics and operations team members attend to all aspects of the fleet, including maintenance, supply stocking and inventory, set-up and break-down of the compound, and handling all of the systems and equipment required of a completely autonomous mobile hospital.


The advisory board is an integral part of the MED-1 team, comprised of administrators and others in non-clinical positions from across Carolinas HealthCare System. Board members operate in a consultative capacity, offering expertise and advice from their particular department or specialty. In the event of a deployment, our advisory board members are invaluable contacts, ensuring smooth operations regardless of distance or severity.

For information, call: 800-421-9195

Contact Carolinas MED-1

For more information about Carolinas MED-1, call: 800-421-9195