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Better employee health makes for better company health and a better bottom line. Carolinas HealthCare System HEALTHWORKS makes this happen. We work with companies to create tailored, engaging and effective programs that encourage employee participation. As part of Carolinas HealthCare System, one of the nation's leading and most innovative healthcare organizations, our solutions are built on a foundation of the best clinical expertise, advanced infrastructure and valuable experience. You'll see that better outcomes for your employees and for your company are not mutually exclusive.

Understanding the importance of employee mental health

In Good for Business: Focusing on Mental Health in the Workplace, you'll see examples of how an investment in mental health awareness and identification training can have a measurable impact on a company's fiscal, cultural and overall employee wellness.

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Healthworks Weigh Forward Program: A Success Story

Learn how Weigh Forward — a comprehensive program of food and fitness tracking and personal coaching — helped one man achieve his long-term health goals. Sarah Duncan, RN, HEALTHWORKS Health Manager explains how Weigh Forward also benefits employers by addressing employee health issues that can impact the bottom line of their companies.

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How Employers Can Help Their Team

Date Posted: March 6, 2017

We recently discussed the hidden costs of mental health issues. While employees struggle silently with very real challenges out of fear and shame, employers face increased direct and indirect costs. Though a wide variety of disorders and diseases fall under the heading of mental health, depression is far and away the most common in today’s workplace. In fact, research shows that depression can be the single highest driver of healthcare expenses for a company when considering direct and indirect costs. Read More »


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Healthworks Overview

The HEALTHWORKS approach is simple: we gather information on what's driving your healthcare costs, analyze the data, and build customized solutions delivered when and where you need them.