Third Year Clerkships

Fourth Year Clerkships

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Clerkship Director’s and Coordinator’s Contact Information

Emergency Medicine

Emily MacNeill, MD

Emergency Medicine
Director: Emily MacNeill, MD
Coordinator: Anita Walker  | Phone: 704-355-3968

Family Medicine

Michele Birch, MD

Director: Michele Birch, MD
Coordinator: Felecia Lassiter | Phone: 704-304-7117

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Internal Medicine

Iris Cheng, MD

The internal medicine clerkship is an eight week inpatient rotation and a four week outpatient rotation.

Director: Iris Cheng, MD
Coordinators: Gina Ernsberger | Phone: 704-355-3819 

General Surgery

Jonathan Salo, MD

Director: Jonathan Salo, MD
Coordinator: Jennie Porter | Phone: 704-446-6556

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Jill Conway, MD

Director: Jill Conway, MD
Coordinator: Marlow Price | Phone: 704-355-3661

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Susan Bliss, MD

Director: Susan Bliss, MD
Coordinator: Gina Davis | Phone: 704-355-3829

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Ed Spence, MD

Director: Ed Spence, MD
Coordinator: Kathy Adams | Phone: 704-381-6804

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Linda Mundle, MD

Director: Linda Mundle, MD
Coordinator: Helen Womack | Phone: 704-446-9260

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