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The Tree of Life

Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life is more than just a logo. It's a graphical representation of our values and mission. In Biblical times, the tree of life represented man's opportunity to obtain immortality. Through the ages, it became a symbol of hope and rejuvenation. Today, because of its seasonal growth and renewal, the tree has come to symbolize preservation and regeneration of life - to which Carolinas HealthCare System is dedicated.

There are nine branches of the Tree of Life - each one a guiding principle for how CHS nourishes and enriches the overall quality of life for those living in the Carolinas.

These nine branches are:

Gentleness – to be gentle with ourselves and others with our words and actions.

Justice – to treat everyone fairly and with respect.

Generosity - to take the time to acknowledge others in the midst of our busy lives and give them our undivided attention.

Humility – to recognize we do not know everything, and that others have much to teach us.

Prudence – to be intentional in what we take in from others and what we give off to others.

Wisdom – to owning what we do know and sharing that.

Kindness – that changes chemistry whenever we experience it. All thoughts and actions are experienced by others and this gives us countless opportunity to practice kindness.

Loyalty – to our CHS Mission that is key to our personal and corporate success.

Courage – to work with those in acute pain, to come to work some days given other happenings in our lives, and to practice all of these principles on a regular basis in our earthly walk.

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