Carolinas HealthCare System

Research Machining Facility Housed within the Orthopaedic Engineering Research Laboratory, the Research Machining Facility supports the efforts of Cannon Research Center investigators and associates. The facility employs a full-time machinist skilled in device fabrication using a wide variety of metallic and polymeric materials.

Conventional machining equipment available for device fabrication includes:

  • Three axis programmable milling machines
  • 13" engine lathe
  • Four cutoff saws (various sizes and types)
  • Drill press
  • Three abrasive finishing machines
  • Manual and hydraulic presses (heated and unheated)
  • MIG and TIG welding equipment
  • Oxyacetyline brazing and cutting torch system
  • 48"shear and 48" metal bending brake (for fabricating sheet metal assemblies)

The facilities are used primarily for test fixture fabrication, medical device fabrication and for modifying existing equipment or devices to provide extended capabilities. The facility also provides limited support for clinical and service departments within the medical center.

Laboratory Members

Richard D. Peindl, PhD, Director, Orthopaedic Engineering Research
Stephen P. Daugherty, Research Machinist

Contact Information

Richard D. Peindl