Carolinas HealthCare System

As healthcare recognizes the union of body, mind and spirit, so does the practice of faith community nursing. Providing healthcare in a religious atmosphere joins two sources of health and healing: the faith community and the medical environment. Recent research indicates that your state of well-being influences your immune system, affecting your overall quality of life. Prayer, grief and forgiveness also have measurable effects on your immune system.

Faith Community Health Ministry, affiliated with Carolinas HealthCare, serves faith communities to promote health, wellness and healing through education and spiritual support. Watch a video on how a partnership with Faith Community Health Ministry can make a difference in your community!

Patients are encouraged to learn how to manage chronic medical conditions, prevent illness and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Since many people regularly attend meetings within their faith community to seek a better life through fellowship, these meetings are also natural missions for wellness.

For more information about creating a health ministry in your faith community, call 704-446-4922.