Resident with child

Three months are spent on the family medicine inpatient service. Three of four half-days per week are spent in the FMC throughout the year. The remaining nine months are divided among the following rotations: Ophthalmology/otolaryngology, urology, and outpatient surgery. Beginning in 2014, we are excited to include an innovative rural rotation in Anson County.

Two months are available for electives. Popular electives include radiology, sports medicine, international health and various internal medicine or pediatric subspecialty rotations.

Electives are individualized according to residents’ individual future career plans and educational needs.

A longitudinal curriculum brings all upper level residents together to do advanced study in areas that will prepare them for future practice. These areas include practice management, evidence-based medicine, behavioral medicine, community medicine and occupational medicine. Additionally, residents receive training in quality improvement and the PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) which culminates in a third year project.

PGY-3 Goals and Objectives

3 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month3 Months
Family Medicine Inpatient (PDF) Otolaryngology / Ophthalmology
Outpatient Surgery
Family Medicine Clinics


2 wks Urology / 2 wks Sports Medicine

2 wks Student Health/2 wks Sports Medicine (PDF)

3 - 4 call nights/month from home 2 home calls per month
1 week night float  
FMC twice/week Family Medicine Center 4 - 5 half days/week