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Directions - 704.403.3000
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Our Address:920 Church St.,
North Concord, NC 28025
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Lot A Emergency Parking Lot B Lot C Visitor & Employee Parking Lot G Concord Medical Mall Upper Lot Lot N Concord Medical Mall Lower Lot Lot H Family Center Visitor Parking Lot J Visitor Parking (limited access during construction) Lot K Surgery Center Visitor Parking Lot L Employee Parking Lot M Employee Parking Visitor Parking Deck Employee Parking Deck Valet Parking College Parking Pavilion Building Cabarrus Memorial Building Medical Arts Building Emergency Entrance Clinical Services Building & Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital Surgery Center Building Hayes Family Center Building Valet Parking Concord Medical Mall NorthEast Plaza 130 Lake Concord Road Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Piedmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Services Cabarrus Family Medicine Visitor Parking Deck Employee Parking Deck CMC-NorthEast Map