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Patient Stories

Palliative Care Patients
Palliative Care patients share their stories of treatment at Levine Cancer Institute. (2:18)
Vicky Pomerance Neer
Vicky Pomerance Neer talks about her experience being treated at Levine Cancer Institute. (0:28)

Charlese Nolley talks about her battle with cancer and how Levine Cancer Institute made her feel like a family member. (1:31)

Lisa Shaw discusses her fight against breast cancer and the wealth of resources available to her. (1:04)

Cancer survivor, Lisa Lynch, tells her story of chemotherapy and her experience at Levine Cancer Institute. (1:03)

LaTonia Whorley expresses her gratitude for the Patient Navigator program at Levine Cancer Institute. (1:22)

Tom Moore talks about the benefits of the Levine Cancer Institute network and cancer care close to home. (1:27)

Melissa Melton talks about Levine Cancer Institute's: Project PINK, and how vital it is to the community. (1:06)

Jenny Biggers shares her experience at Levine Cancer Institute. (1:14)

Elaine Sullivan shares her story on how Levine Cancer Institute: Project PINK detected her breast cancer. (1:10)

WCNC reporter and former patient Ann Sheridan talks about how a mammogram saved her life. (2:25)

Health and Wellness

Patients and volunteers express how important the Resource Center is to cancer patients and their families. (3:51)

Dr. Bridget Bongaard discusses specialized breathing techniques to help cancer patients relieve stress, anxiety and relax. (1:14)

Watch how the Artist in Residence Program is helping patients through their treatment program. (2:19)

Stacy Lanarcic talks about the genetic counseling program at Levine Cancer Institute. (0:47)

Rachel Burns, RD, discusses how nutrition impacts cancer survivorship and what you should know when incorporating produce into your daily diet. (0:53)

Dr. Russ Greenfield explains the complimentary cancer therapy offerings of Levine Cancer Institute's Integrative Oncology program. (1:15)

Patient Navigators

Cassandra Horsley, RN at Levine Cancer Institute, discusses the role of patient navigators. (1:11)

Melissa Kimbrell, RN, from AnMed Health describes being a patient navigator. (1:20)

About Levine Cancer Institute

Levine Cancer Institute is committed to providing the highest quality cancer care available. With nationally recruited specialists, cutting-edge treatments and multiple clinical trials, our network of cancer specialists brings advanced care to locations across the Carolinas. (3:53)

Levine Cancer Institute brings a world-class, integrated team to more than a dozen locations in North and South Carolina (2:02)

We Fight Cancer (0:46)

Dr. Derek Raghavan, President of Levine Cancer Institute, talks about the benefits of the cancer network throughout the Carolinas. (2:23)

Dr. Edward Kim discusses the vision of Levine Cancer Institute. (1:09)

Dr. Limentani talks abouts how heroic patients participating in clinical trials paves the way for cutting edge treatments. (1:21)

Dr. Raghavan, President of Levine Cancer Institute, discusses his vision for cancer care in the Carolinas and beyond. (3:45)

Dr. Derek Raghavan, Levine Cancer Institute President, confirms Spiral CT scans save approximately 20% more lives by detecting lung cancer earlier than chest X-rays. (1:21)

Emmanuel Ekyinabah, MD, a visiting physician from Liberia, learns from physicians at the Levine Cancer Institute about oncology and hematology. (1:31)

Video News Release regarding the Levine Cancer Institute groundbreaking reception 2011. (1:13)

The groundbreaking for Levine Cancer Institute headquarters building. (0:13)

A short virtual simulation of what the Institute’s headquarters building will look like when it opens in summer 2012. (0:15)


Project Pink 2013
Project Pink is a partnership between Levine Cancer Institute and Charlotte Radiology that brings breast healthcare to underserved parts of the community. (2:59)
Cancer Survivor's Day 2013
The 14th annual Cancer Survivorship Day was recently held in Charlotte, sponsored by Levine Cancer Institute with more than 1,400 survivors, family & friends. (4:24)

Levine Cancer Institute’s national sponsorship of the 4th Annual Kaleidoscope on Ice, a show celebrating cancer survivorship in 2012. (4:24)

2012 Olympic Champion gymnasts make a stop at Carolinas HealthCare System's Levine Cancer Institute. (4:27)

Levine Cancer Institute celebrates cancer survivorship at the 14th Annual Cancer Survivor’s Day event. (2:10)

Levine Cancer Institute presented Kaleidoscope on Ice, a nationally televised show celebrating cancer survivorship through song and skating. (0:37)

Levine Cancer Institute sponsors 24 Hours of Booty in 2012. (2:01)

Experience 24 Hours of Booty with Levine Cancer Institute riders. (1:26)

Belk Bowl Football Coaches Wives Luncheon at Levine Cancer Institute. (1:55)


Levine Cancer Institute first TV commercial 1. (0:34)

Levine Cancer Institute first TV commercial 2. (0:32)