Carolinas HealthCare System

At Levine Cancer Institute, our rigid quality assurance (QA) guidelines are meticulously followed by the physics staff to assure tumor targeting accuracy and precision. Field images are taken throughout the course of treatment to verify positional accuracy, and these images are reviewed and approved by the radiation oncologists. For the individual patient, correct dose calculations are critical. Prior to the first treatment, the dose to specified radiation fields treated at the Institute is calculated twice using separate dose calculation programs, with the results checked by both the physics staff and the radiation oncologists.

For IMRT cases, patient specific QA is performed on each field of the treatment plan to ensure the accuracy of the treatment that is about to be delivered. When practical, the actual dose delivered to the skin surface is checked with a measuring probe called a diode during one of the initial treatments.

Our physicists adhere to rigid QA systems to ensure the linacs are operating properly. Daily, monthly and annual checks are performed by the physics, therapist and physician staff to maintain this high degree of precision. As treatment delivery systems are improved by the manufacturers, new protective features are added.

Safety enhancements include checks designed to verify that essential treatment data is identical to the plan that has been approved, prior to patient treatment. Levine Cancer Institute’s QA program evolves with these technological changes to maintain the highest degree of safety for our patients and staff. The radiation oncology team works continuously to strengthen our radiation safety culture.