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Our internal medicine residents are involved with a large number of scholarly activities. Because we are technically a “community hospital” program, we sometimes are asked by applicants if we can provide the same academic opportunities as a university-based residency. Let us assure you that there are numerous opportunities for clinical or educational research for interested residents.   Many of our residents achieve publications during their residency training and all have opportunities to present their research, quality improvement work, or interesting clinical vignettes at regional and national meetings.  Residents have easy access to research mentors and opportunities to participate in anything from a small-scale resident-led research project to a large multi-site clinical trial.  In addition, residents have access to on-site data management and statistical support through the CHS Dickson Analytics Program. 

"I had my sights set on a hematology/oncology fellowship when I entered residency.  I knew that in order to be competitive and well-rounded, I would need research experience.  Our residency program is smaller and supportive, and therefore the opportunities for scholarly activity are numerous!  I reached out to my program director and the attending physicians with whom I had worked during my hematology/oncology rotation, and everyone was excited to help.  After two years, I have published two case reports and one literature review, helped write a chapter for a peer-reviewed book, and presented three posters at local and national conferences.  In addition, I currently am working on another review article and submitting two abstracts to American Society of Hematology this summer."

                                                                        -Megan Jagosky, MD (PGY-3 resident)

"Our smaller residency program has provided me many opportunities to work closely with attending physicians on and off the wards through joining research projects or sharing interesting cases.  I've especially enjoyed our department's support in terms of funds and time allotted for travel to scientific meetings.  This has allowed me to present cases in North Carolina, New Mexico, and Toronto, Canada at various regional and national meetings.  The department also actively encourages residents to seek a variety of scholarly activities and includes an appointed resident liaison to assist new members of our team in finding niches that may interest them." 

                                                                        -Jasna Ikanovic, MD (PGY-3 resident)

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