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Fellowships and Private Practice

Life After Residency: Fellowships and Private Practice

Fellowships and Private Practice

Our fellowship placement rate is outstanding!  Over the past 10 years, more than 95 percent of our residents that have applied for fellowships have matched into the fellowship of their choice.  There are numerous opportunities for scholarly activity in each field of interest, and we provide close mentoring throughout the fellowship application process.  Approximately 30-40 percent of our PGY-3 residents each year will pursue fellowship training.

As one of the largest independent academic medical centers in the nation, our residents have a very broad-based educational experience and patient exposure that is identical to the majority of "university-based" programs.

CMC Gastroenterology fellowship:

We offer an ACGME-approved fellowship training program in Gastroenterology.  This three year training program offers two GI fellowship positions per year through the NRMP [National Resident Matching Program].

CMC/Levine Cancer Institute Hematology-Oncology fellowship:

Beginning in July, 2015, we will offer an ACGME-approved fellowship training program in Hematology-Oncology.  This fellowship training program will offer three Heme-Onc fellowship positions per year through the NRMP [National Resident Matching Program].

Fellowship placement:

We get many questions about our overall rate of fellowship placement.  Please see the following for details:

This data is from 2007 to 2014 (prior to 2007, most fellowships did not go through the match.  Applicants accepted positions based on when they were offered so data on choices or rank lists is not available prior to that date).

Twenty-nine CMC residents registered for the fellowship match

  • Twenty-nine CMC residents registered for the fellowship match
  • Twenty-seven matched, one successfully scrambled into a position, and one went unmatched
  • Of the twenty-seven who matched through the NRMP
    • Twenty obtained their first choice
    • Four obtained their second choice
    • Two obtained their third choice
    • One obtained a matched position lower than their third choice

Recent fellowships include:

    • University of Florida – Cardiology (x3)
    • Rush University Chicago – Cardiology (x4)
    • St. Vincent's Indianapolis – Cardiology
    • Virginia Commonwealth – Cardiology
    • University of North Carolina – Endocrine (x2)
    • Medical University of South Carolina – Endocrine
    • Wake Forest University – Endocrine (x2)
    • Medical College of Georgia – Endocrine
    • Wake Forest University – Geriatrics

    • Carolinas Medical Center – GI (x2)
    • John Hopkins Bayview – GI (x2)Fellowships and Private Practice
    • University of South Florida – GI

  • Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville – Heme/Onc
  • Virginia Commonwealth – Heme/Onc
  • University of Kentucky – Heme/Onc
  • University of Tennessee – Heme/Onc
  • University of Alabama – Infectious Disease
  • Washington University – Infectious Disease
    • Mayo Clinic-Rochester – Nephrology
    • Vanderbilt University – Nephrology
    • Wake Forest University – Nephrology (x4)

    • East Carolina University – Pulmonary/Critical Care
    • Medical University of South Carolina – Pulmonary/Critical Care
    • Oregon Health Sciences University – Pulmonary/Critical Care
    • University of Alabama/Birmingham – Pulmonary/Critical Care
    • University of Florida – Pulmonary/Critical Care

  • Wake Forest University – Rheumatology (x2)
  • University of North Carolina – Rheumatology
  • University of Utah – Rheumatology
  • University of Washington - Rheumatology

Fellowships and Private Practice

Overall, our residents' career options have been boundless.  For those residents who do not pursue fellowship training, some will enter ambulatory practice, some will become hospitalists, and some will enter academic medicine.  Many of our residents will choose to stay in the Charlotte region.

Here, you'll find a diverse community with metropolitan amenities in a friendly, smaller town environment.  Because of the high quality of life here, many have chosen to remain or return to the Charlotte community.  Charlotte truly is a great place to live and practice medicine!

View the career paths of our residents from 1999 to 2014!

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