Atrium Health Directions

Find your way with the Atrium Health Directions app.

Our convenient app provides Atrium Health hospital maps and detailed directions. Now available at Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children’s Hospital.

  • Detailed maps show your real-time location via the blue dot
  • Search locations by typing or browsing categories
  • Turn-by-turn navigation guides you to your destination

CHS Symptom Tracker

CHS Symptom Tracker records daily symptoms experienced by patients receiving cancer treatment at Levine Cancer Institute.

To use CHS Symptom Tracker, you must be a patient or patient designee receiving care at Levine Cancer Institute. You must also have a MyCarolinas account.

Features include:

  • Tracking symptom information, including date and severity
  • Keeping notes about each symptom
  • Searchable symptom history for all recorded entries
  • Daily reminders to report symptoms

Carolinas Health Care System

Get convenient access to your care. Connect with Carolinas HealthCare System.

Features include:

  • MyCarolinas - Schedule appointments, send messages to your care team, check lab and test results, read your doctor's notes and more
  • Find a Doctor - Search by name, specialty, or primary care physicians using current location or ZIP code
  • Find a Location - Map hospitals, emergency rooms (ER) or Urgent Cares closest to you. Reserve your spot at an Urgent Care. Get interior directions for select hospital locations
  • Wait Times - View current ER and Urgent Care wait times
  • Cancer Clinical Trials - Search cancer clinical trials, and contact the trial coordinator for additional information
  • Driving Directions - View maps and parking information
  • Facility addresses, directions, parking information and click-to-call phone numbers
  • Save favorite locations for quick access
  • Share doctor and location information

One Carolinas

The Carolinas HealthCare System employee mobile app. To use the app, you must have an active Carolinas HealthCare System network account. Some features of the app require your current location.

Features include:

  • eXtras - Find discounted items and services offered by participating merchants and service providers
  • Paycheck - If you access your paycheck through MyHR, you can view basic information about your last three paychecks
  • PTO - View the amount of PTO you’ve accrued, your accrual rate and your cash-in elections for the year
  • LiveWELL Health Plan - Get a quick overview of the medical, dental, vision and prescription plans
  • Benefits - Links to retirement and FSA/HSA websites
  • Careers - Link to the mobile-optimized Carolinas HealthCare System career search page

Carolinas Virtual Visit

Connect immediately to a Carolinas HealthCare System medical provider for a live healthcare visit via your mobile device, 24 hours a day. A Virtual Visit makes receiving care for common ailments affordable, convenient and fast.

Features include:

  • Live video visits, with secure messaging features
  • Board-certified physicians, licensed physician assistants and nurse practitioners
  • Prescriptions as appropriate
  • Direct link to Carolinas HealthCare System’s electronic medical records
  • Online credit card payment

If you use Apple Health, you can choose to share your health information with the provider during your virtual video visit, such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose levels, weight, nutritional information, and respiratory rate.

MyCarolinas Tracker

MyCarolinas Tracker is for patients of Carolinas HealthCare System.

With MyCarolinas Tracker, you can get a complete view of your health in one place. Log in with your MyCarolinas account.

Features include:

  • Track your measurements including height, body weight, body fat percent, waist size, body mass index, and waist-to-height ratio by syncing with devices from Fitbit, iHealth, Medisana, Wahoo Fitness, and Withings.

Carolinas Tracker

Don’t have a MyCarolinas account? Use the Carolinas Tracker app to store your tracking data from various health apps all in one place.

Features include:

  • Syncs and stores your health information from select exercise trackers, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, scales, heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters, and thermometers. You can also add information manually by entering it into the app yourself.
  • Tracks lab data, such as blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Creates reports that you can share with your doctor or health coach to help you reach your health goals.

The Amazings

Meet The Amazings: the greatest superheroes in world! The evil Lord Hake has had enough of their heroics and has infiltrated their secret hideout to find a way to stop them once and for all! One problem: he used too much dynamite and scattered The Amazings’ secret files all over the city!

  • Unlock superheroes and environments!
  • Run through the Park, the City, the Suburbs, & lord hake’s evil lair
  • Collect orbs & power-ups!
  • Collect secret files & comic pages!
  • Learn about Asthma triggers to keep yourself safe!
  • Play your favorite levels again and again!

Charlotte AHEC

The Charlotte AHEC mobile application allows healthcare professionals to find classes and events offered by the Charlotte Area Health Education Center.

This app features:

  • List of upcoming training events
  • Ability to filter by service area and share event descriptions


Hernia repairs are among the most common operations performed in the world. Historically, quality was measured almost solely by recurrence rates. Now that routine mesh use has made these repairs much more durable, wound problems after surgery are the major reason for increased cost of surgery, including the added cost of other procedures, hospital stays and clinic visits because of wound problems up to a year after hernia repair. Because of their wounds, these patients often are not able to work and lose time and money because of specialty wound care, travel, clinic visits and/or hospital stays

We believe assessing and understanding a patient's preoperative health status can significantly impact postoperative outcomes. The Carolinas Equation for Determining Associated Risks (CeDAR) predicts the risks and financial impact of wound-related problems following ventral hernia repair. The complex mathematical equation, which was calculated from data taken from patients around the world after their surgery, has been independently tested and found to be accurate and reliable. With the aid of mobile app technology, CeDAR now provides surgeons and patients with a powerful tool that can predict individualized wound outcomes after abdominal hernia surgery. Moreover, it offers patients detailed educational materials about many types of hernias and their treatments. Users simply answer eight questions about themselves, including height and weight. Based on these answers, a percentage chance of developing specific postoperative complications requiring treatment is calculated along with the corresponding cost of this treatment. These results can then be used to discuss an individual patient's risk for wound problems after surgery and what they can change to improve their odds for a good result.


Hernia repairs are the most common operation performed worldwide. The Carolinas Equation for Quality of Life (CeQOL) predicts the incidence of chronic pain following inguinal hernia repair in males.

Male users answer 18 simple questions about themselves, their hernia and their current quality of life (QOL) status as it relates to their hernia, and a percentage chance of having some form of discomfort one year following surgery is produced and interpreted. The goal is to provide surgeons and patients with an educational tool that can predict QOL outcomes after inguinal hernia surgery and offer patients educational materials on types of hernias and their treatments.