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In 2012, the Faith Community Health Ministry program celebrates its 15th Anniversary! It’s hard to imagine all of the notable experiences that have taken place here over the years—and all of the wonderful congregations who have been affected in some way by the Faith Community Health Ministry.

See How Much We Have Grown



"Once the congregation became comfortable and educated regarding what the Parish Nurse position is, it became evident that many were being helped through the programs and education provided through the Faith Community Health Ministry. Now my congregation is so use to me being there and loving them regardless of their situation." Debbie Thomas –Faith Community Nurse; Highland Baptist Church – since 2000

"Our parish nurses have provided educational information that has enabled our members to be proactive rather than reactive.  I am thankful for the education, the personal contact, and the assurance that I have that our nurse is making personal contact with members who face a variety of health challenges." Reverend Donald E. Anthony; Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church – affiliated since 2002 - church has Faith Community Nurse Mary Miller Reid;

"I think I have stayed engaged because Christians need to recognize that God wants us to not only be blessed spiritually but physically." Angela Neal, Faith Community Nurse; Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church – since 2002

"It has been a blessing and a privilege to have had a part in the development and implementation of the Parish Nurse Program." Jane Honbarrier , original Coordinator of program and now Faith Community Nurse; Landis Baptist Church – since 2003

"You often hear a church member say “Sybil says” and I know that our nurse, Sybil Perrell, is respected as an authority and a friend the congregation can depend upon. To me as the pastor, our parish nurse continues to be my right hand in the care of our congregation as she has been a source of support, consultation, and information for me, as well as our congregation." Joanne Hull, Pastor at Prospect Presbyterian Church – FCN is Sybil Perrell – affiliated with program since 2007

"I think the availability of the faith community nurse has given people a sense of assurance that there is help at hand whenever it is needed." Pastor Glenn Myers, Epworth UMC, Faith Community Nurses Sis Mills and Stephanie Canipe; affiliated with program since 2005

"The biggest blessing in my life is to watch others being successful in reaching their goals and living a more holistic life. I feel that this is what God wants for each of us." Patty Greene, RN, Faith Community Nurse – Unity United Methodist Church – Rowan County since 2001