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Chris Carey

Chris Carey
Winfield, West Virginia
College: Clemson University
Medical School: Marshall University

What you love about living in Charlotte: The people. I remember going to dinner the night before my interview and not only was nearly every resident and their spouse/significant other in attendance, but the friends and family of those who couldn't attend were there too.  It's an extremely close group of outgoing, adventurous residents and there's always someone ready to go hiking, running, hang out with or to catch a cold beer after a shift.

What you love about living in Charlotte: It's near Clemson (go tigers!). Seriously though it's a young, clean, professional city and it has a ton of different areas that each have their own personality. There are phenomenal places to run, the whitewater center, the lake and hiking are 30 minutes away, and there's a good mix of metropolitan and suburban housing for everyone. Every big concert tour comes through Charlotte and you can easily get to Charleston, SC or Atlanta, GA in just a couple hours.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Practicing Emergency Medicine somewhere in NC or upstate SC.  I want two dogs, a beach house, 11 Tough Mudder headbands, and to enjoy my job then as much as I do now.  Oh yeah, and I plan to be celebrating the 10th straight Clemson Football national championship...because we're awesome.

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Mike Merrill

Mike Merrill
Hometown: Apalachin, NY
College: North Carolina State University
Medical School: Wake Forest University

Why you chose CMC: The enthusiasm of the residents immediately impressed me on my interview. It was obvious that the "family feel" preached at many programs was truly the culture at CMC, and that translated into residents who were excited to go to work every day. Faculty at CMC are well known throughout the world of EM, but more importantly they are deeply invested in resident education. The hospital is very diverse, giving you the best of academic and community medicine. It was clear that residents who leave here are prepared to work anywhere.

What you love about living in Charlotte: There is always something fun going on in Charlotte, no matter what your interests are. It is a great combination of big city feel with small town convenience.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Enjoying whatever the future holds for me...

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Peter Woods McCahill

Peter Woods McCahill
Hometown: North Andover, MA
College: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Medical School: University of Massachusetts

Why you chose CMC: It’s a great program. When I came to interview I was incredibly impressed by the faculty I met, and the residents seemed smart, relaxed and happy.

What you love about living in Charlotte: It’s affordable. It’s warmer than MA. There’s good food, and you’re close to the mountains and the beach.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Scuba diving as much as possible, while doing some academic medicine with a focus on disaster response.

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Katharine Modisett

Katharine Modisett
Hometown: Portsmouth, RI
College: Tulane University
Medical School: Georgetown University

Why you chose CMC: I rotated at CMC as a visiting medical student and absolutely loved my month here. There is an energy and enthusiasm for learning from both faculty and residents alike that encourages pushing oneself to be better at what we do for patients every day. Along with this continued effort for improvement there’s also a collegiality and sense of genuine teamwork that was really important to me. I’m really proud to be part of a program where every member of the team treats patients with respect and care, even in very difficult situations. Furthermore, as I interviewed at different programs around the country almost everyone I spoke to wanted to hear about what makes CMC so special. This solidified for me that this is a program at the top of its game and one within our specialty that will open a lot of doors upon graduating.

What you love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is a great city – it’s extremely easy to live in, allowing you to focus on what you want to rather than on the logistics of life. The benefits of a low cost of living, manageable traffic, great weather for getting outdoors, and general friendliness really make a difference in quality of life.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: I’m not really sure. Right now I still have a lot of different interests within EM including international medicine, volunteerism, and humanities in medicine – we’ll see what happens!

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Michael Keller

Michael Keller
Hometown: Galveston, IN
College: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Indiana University

Why you chose CMC: I came to CMC during my fourth year of medical school for an away rotation and absolutely loved my time here, in and out of the hospital.  I never came across a group of residents as well-rounded and fun during the interview season as the one at CMC. The attending physicians are incredible teachers and really enjoy working with the residents. Most importantly, the education received is above any other, preparing you to handle any situation when you get out in the "real world." Just ask our graduates.

What you love about living in Charlotte: Beaches 2.5 hours away. Mountains 1.5 hours away. Carowinds theme park 15 minutes away. Midnight Diner open 24/7 serving up the best Coconut French Toast in the US. Need I say more?

10 years: In 10 years, after getting a fellowship in critical care or international health, I hope to be working in an academic center teaching EM residents. Either that or smoking a Cuban on my yacht down in the Gulf.

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Bradley Efune

Bradley Efune
Hometown: Dallas, TX
College: Texas A&M University
Medical School: University of Texas-Houston

Why you chose CMC: I rotated here as a student and really loved everyone I worked with, the faculty are clearly here to support us to really take care of sick people. I also like that it's the only Level 1 teaching hospital in the area, and that there isn't a county hospital system so we all spectrums of patients from very wealthy to extremely poor. Also, fresh chocolate chip cookies every day doesn't hurt.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Right now I'd ideally doing a mix of academic/private, maybe after an EMS or some other fellowship though.

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Jonathan Bronner

Jonathan Bronner
Hometown: Louisville, KY
College: Appalachian State University
Medical School: University of Louisville

Why you chose CMC: I rotated at CMC as a student and was welcomed instantly by a group of residents, attendings, and other hospital staff that surpassed any I'd met previously. Everyone I worked with was friendly to each other, proud of their dedication to patient care, and engaged in furthering their education. The reputation of this place preceded it, but the experience helped me appreciate who I wanted to be as an Emergency Physician.

What you love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is similar in many ways to my hometown. Plenty of nightlife, sports, and unique neighborhoods to satisfy anyone. It has been a comfortable place to move my family and we've already been able to take advantage of both the mountains and the sea in our first few months. Stoked for leaves in the fall, skiing in the winter, whitewater in the spring, and beaches in the summer!

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: I plan to pursue a career that has elements of both community practice and education in the academic setting. No place that I interviewed for residency appeared to give me better preparation and opportunity for this lifestyle than CMC.

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Andrew Wyman

Andrew Wyman
Hometown: DeWitt, Michigan
College: Michigan State University
Medical School: Michigan State University

Why you chose CMC: Best group of residents in the country combined with an amazing hospital that treats you like a member of it, not just a worker and faculty that are leaders in the field of Emergency was an easy decision, how can you go wrong?

What you love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is an awesome city because it's a small 'big' city. There's enough going on around the city to never be bored and always have new restaurants and bars to check out. Yet not so big that you spend an hour each day sitting in traffic. I also love that it's a young city, so there are lots of young, non-medical people to meet and the city puts an emphasis on having things going on for not just kids and parents. There are tons of parks and greenways to get a post-shift run in. Asheville is only 2 hours away and Charleston 3 for quick weekend getaways. I'm also really looking forward to not owning a shovel...

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: I thought I was done with this question after interviews? Who knows...maybe traveling around the world doing cool stuff, maybe working a lot hanging out with a family or something in between, we'll see what life brings!

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Greag Zahn

Greg Zahn
Hometown: Sharpsville, Indiana
College: Butler University
Medical School: Indiana University

Why you chose CMC: I chose CMC because this residency really does offer everything. It is a large volume center that provides amazing diversity and pathology. The staff is second to none; amazing teachers, but also leaders within the field of emergency medicine. The family atmosphere was readily evident during my interview, and it was amazing to see residency leadership so invested in the residents. Most importantly, the residents were amazing and impressed me more than any other program during interview season.

What do I love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is great so far, and I have only started learning the city. Definitely looking forward to winter and not having snow on the ground all the time. Love the fact that I can live close to the hospital, yet still live in a really cool area of the city. Plus, being close to mountains and beaches is pretty amazing.

Where do I see myself in ten years: Wish I knew, looking forward to the adventure.

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Rob Dahlquist

Rob Dahlquist
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
College: Texas Christian University
Medical School: University of Nebraska

Why you chose CMC: The training is top notch and is surpassed only by the quality of the people in the program. From the residents to the attendings and residency leadership, the camaraderie is outstanding and makes for an ideal training environment. To top it off, the reputation of this program is rock-solid from coast to coast.

What you love about living in Charlotte: It's a city with a little bit of everything, that is also of manageable size and has awesome weather.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Working at an academic medical center in a residency leadership position.

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Margaret Hauck

Margaret Hauck
Atlanta, GA
College: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: Emory University

Why you chose CMC: The people. The residents here really enjoy hanging out together, and you’ll always have someone to hang out with. The faculty is brilliant, accomplished, great teachers who are very dedicated to the residents. Also, the free food — you’ll never go hungry here.

What you love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is a young city with lots to do. You can get anywhere in 15 minutes and there’s not much traffic (especially compared to Atlanta). There’s great nightlife, outdoor things to do, and you’re not too far from the mountains or the beach!

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Working in academic emergency medicine, enjoying time with friends and family, and having life all figured out.

Email Margaret Hauck


Devin Bustin

Devin Bustin
Hometown: Miami, Florida
College: University of Florida, Go Gators!
Medical School: University of Florida, Go Gators again!

Why you chose CMC: My top priority was to go to the program I thought would best train me to be a clinician in Emergency Medicine. My other goal was to enjoy my time during residency. CMC was the program I thought would be the best for both. CMC has world-class faculty members and a high volume of sick patients, the perfect combination for learning clinical EM. It was also immediately apparent that the CMC EM residency program is like a family. I felt that my personality fit in well with the group mentality here and that this was a group of people that I could have a lot of fun with. So far that has been exactly the case. I haven’t second-guessed my decision for a second and couldn’t be happier about matching at CMC!

What you love about living in Charlotte: Charlotte is a beautiful mid-sized city with a temperate climate. It has good nightlife, traffic is not a problem, and the ease of living is unparalleled. Also, because Charlotte is a city of transplants, most of the population is young adults and it is easy to network.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: I’m not quite sure. I could be doing international medicine, rural EM in Alaska, private practice, or academics. All sound great to me in their own way. I guess time will tell.

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Sammy Chang

Sammy Chang
Hometown: Brooks, GA
College: Georgia Tech
Medical School: Emory University

Why you chose CMC: Did a rotation here as a student — really enjoyed every minute and felt like it was a program that best matched my learning/training style. The residents, faculty and staff — not just in the ED but throughout the hospital — are awesome.  And then there are the benefits...

What you love about living in Charlotte: It's a great city. It's a smaller version of Atlanta.  And it is still close enough to home, friends, and the mountains and rivers I love.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years:  Equal parts practicing, hopefully raising a family, and fly fishing.

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Ryan Christensen 

Ryan Christensen
 Colorado Springs, CO
College: Brigham Young University
Medical school: The Ohio State University

Why you chose CMC: Everything about this place was right for me. The residents are the sharpest group as a whole that I have met who obviously excel in the field. The faculty are incredibly helpful, supportive, and genuinely invested in our education and training. I know that CMC will train and prepare me for success.

What you love about living in Charlotte: A beautiful city with many outdoor rec opportunities (despite being east coast/south and not Colorado), great neighborhoods, and great people. I have a wife and young kids, and this is a great area for young families.

What you see yourself doing in 10 years: Difficult question; right now probably splitting time between the ED and Critical Care, hopefully with the opportunity to work with residents, as well as teaching my kids to ski and climb.

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