2017-2018 Residents

Giulia Barlow, PharmD

Undergraduate institution: Virginia Tech, BS Biological Sciences
Pharmacy school: Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
Clinical interests: Neuropsychiatry, Toxicology, Academia
Research project: Safety of Intravenous Ketorolac in Adults Admitted for Sickle Cell Disease Vaso-occlusive Crisis
Why CMC?: I wanted to complete my PGY-1 training at a large, academic medical center offering a wide variety of clinical rotations and the opportunity to work with a diverse, high-acuity patient population.  However, what really sold me on CMC was the people.  The program director and preceptors are incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely invested in setting you up for success—both personal and professional.  I was looking for a challenging yet supportive environment to help me develop as a new practitioner and CMC provided the perfect balance.  Also, Charlotte is a fun, up-and-coming city with tons of music venues, breweries, and local eateries to explore with your co-residents!

Alex Lovell, PharmD

Undergraduate institution: University of Iowa
Pharmacy school: University of Iowa
Clinical interests: Hematology/Oncology, Academia
Research project: Efficacy of PACE-based regimens in reducing renal dysfunction in patients with multiple myeloma
Why CMC?: I have always known I wanted to train and practice at an academic medical center, but I was drawn to Carolinas Medical Center because of the progressive pharmacy practice, the numerous opportunities to interact with students, and the knowledgeable preceptors, all of which are experts in their respective fields. The PGY1 program’s flexibility offers a variety of rotations and learning experiences that encourage me to develop a broad clinical knowledge base and pursue my personal and professional goals. While CMC provides all the necessary experiences to become a strong clinical pharmacist, what I love most are the people. From pharmacy preceptors to providers on the interdisciplinary team, everyone is incredibly welcoming and invested in my learning and growth as a young professional. I am so thankful to start my career at CMC, and I am extremely excited for the year ahead.

Shelby L Merchant, PharmD

Undergraduate institution: University of South Carolina
Pharmacy school: South Carolina College of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests: Infectious diseases, transplant, and oncology
Research Project: Impact of second dose beta-lactam antibiotics in sepsis and septic shock
Why CMC?: I chose Carolinas Medical Center because this program offers the flexibility to explore different specialties and areas of interest while providing the supportive environment to develop the skills to become a successful clinical pharmacist.

Taylor M. Pasley, PharmD

Undergraduate institution: University of North Carolinas - Chapel Hill, BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmacy school: Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Clinical interests: Transplant, Heme/Onc, Academia
Research project: Efficacy of Lenalidomide in combination with Daratumumab and Dexamethasone in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Refractory to Lenalidomide
Why CMC?: For my first year, I wanted to train at a large academic medical center with a wide range of clinical rotations as I was largely undecided at the end of my fourth year. I also wanted four to six co-residents to bond with and share the journey of our first year of residency. I fell in love during my interview when we had the opportunity to round in an area of interest and see first hand the role of pharmacists at CMC and the interactions with the medical team. This was the only interview where I had this experience! In addition, the preceptors I met during my interview were phenomenal and all PGY-2 trained. Lastly, I felt this program was the most supportive as we have a residency mentor as well as mentors for all of our projects, presentations, and our teaching and learning curriculum.

Nicholas Quinn, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: Northeastern University
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University
Clinical Interests: Critical Care
Research project: Effectiveness of oral antibiotics for definitive therapy of Gram-positive bloodstream infections
Why CMC?: My interest in Carolinas Medical Center came from the countless opportunities that they offer to develop clinical, teaching, and leadership skills.  There are a plethora of rotation options that allow every resident to get a unique learning experience that meets their goals.  Being a large academic medical center, pharmacy is an integral part of the medical team and every preceptor is highly dedicated to their teaching role.  The residency program at CMC will give you all of the knowledge and support you need to become a well-rounded clinician in any area.  Also, living in a major city with all the sports, restaurants, and breweries there are to offer doesn’t hurt!

Suzanne Shearin, PharmD

Undergraduate institution: Campbell University
Pharmacy school: Campbell University, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Clinical interests: Pediatrics
Research project: Impact of Inpatient Foscarnet Pharmacist to Dose Protocol in Immunocompromised Patients
Why CMC?: I was originally drawn to CMC for my PGY-1 training because it was a large teaching hospital with a variety of clinical rotations. I loved the aspect of daily rounds with multiple learners where I could discuss pharmacotherapy while also learning medical processes. With my primary interest in pediatrics, CMC provided ample opportunities to explore this specialty further. Not only has the clinical side lived up to expectations, but preceptors and faculty have far exceeded this. Everyone is completely supportive and want to help you grow as a clinician. Lastly, in Charlotte there is never a dull moment; there are always activities happening which provides great relief after a day of work.