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(Individual schedules vary depending on academic trajectory)

Months Site Rotation Name
1 Mercy Hospital Outpatient Primary Care
1 Mercy Hospital Outpatient PC Electives: Peds, General, Women's Health
1 CMC-Main Hospital Internal Medicine Inpatient
1 CMC-Main Hospital Emergency Medicine
1 CMC-Main Consult/Liaison Consult/Liaison
1 BH Davidson Inpatient Adult Inpatient Psychiatry/Dual Diagnosis
2 Veterans Administration VA
1 BH Charlotte Psychiatric Emergency
1 BH Charlotte Inpatient Inpatient Psychiatry
1 BH-Charlotte Orientation
Months Site Rotation Name
1 BH Charlotte PES: Tele-Psych/Emergency
1 BH Charlotte PHP
2 BH Charlotte Child and Adolescent
1 Electives Resident to choose electives:
IP, Child IP, Mood IP, Psychosis IP, Dual C/L IP, Geri PHP, Adult PHP, Child and Adolescent ACTT ED, Tele-Psychiatry, Detox/Addiction, Research
1 CHS NorthEast Geriatric Psychiatry
1 CMC-Main Consult/Liaison 
May include part child if resident elects.
2 CMC-Main Neurology
1 BH Charlotte Addiction
1 BH Davidson  Adult Inpatient Psychiatry/Dual Diagnosis
 1 BH Charlotte Brain Stem/Behavioral Health Integration
12 0.5 Resident Outpatient Clinic
Months Site Rotation Name
12 BH Charlotte Resident Outpatient Clinics
(OMS, AIC, Child and Adolescent)
Months Site Rotation Name
2 BH Charlotte Administrative Inpatient
1 BH Charlotte Administrative Psychiatry
1 BH Charlotte Population Health
BH Charlotte  Telepsychiatry/ED 
CMC Main   Consult-Liaison Service
6 Electives Addiction, Forensic, Geriatrics, Research, Hematology, Oncology, Neuro-Cognitive, Rehab, ECT, and Brain Stimulation
12 BH Charlotte Resident Outpatient Clinics/Integration
Key to Abbreviations on Rotation Schedule:
ACTT Assertive Community Treatment Team
AI Adult Inpatient
AI Sub-A Adult Inpatient Sub-Attending
AIC Adult Integrated Continuum Clinic (Clinic that treats the SPMI patient population)
AIDD Adult Inpatient Dual Diagnosis
AIMD Adult Inpatient Mood Disorder
C/L Consultation/Liaison
C/A Child & Adolescent
C/AI Child & Adolescent Inpatient
ELECT Elective
FORENSIC Forensics Psychiatry
GERI Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry
OMS Outpatient Medication Service
NEURO Neurology-Outpatient Consult Service, CMC Main
PC Primary Care
PC GERI Primary Care Geriatrics
PES Psychiatric Emergency Services
PES: TELE-PSYCH Psychiatric Emergency Services Tele-psychiatry
PHP Adult Partial Hospital Program – Adult
SUBST Substance Abuse /Addiction
SPMI Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill