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Noelle 575 Maternity Trainer

Noelle S575 with Newborn HAL manufactured by Gaumard® Scientific features:

  • Both programmable hemorrhage using simulated blood and catherization with flow of simulated urine
  • Breathing and pulses
  • Vertex, breech and C-section deliveries
  • Shoulder dystocia and PPH
  • Dynamic perinatal monitor
  • Maternal and neonatal vital signs monitors

Both fixed and tetherless monitors are available:

  • Touchscreen monitors
  • Dynamic waveforms of ECG, invasive blood pressure, respiration, and carbon dioxide
  • Numerics for temperature, NIBP, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation

Normal vaginal and instrumented delivery

  • Fetus descends and rotates internally as it moves down birth canal
  • Extensible cervix dilates
  • Fetal external rotation aligns shoulders with vulva
  • New fetal head skin for use with most vacuum devices and forceps

Shoulder dystocia

  • Use delivery Profile Control to specify exactly when the turtle sign will occur and how long you allow students to deal with this dilemma
  • Relieve dystocia using suprapubic pressure, McRobert's maneuver or posterior arm sweep
  • Intrapartum Modelling or Trending
  • Use our physiologic model that controls skin color and vital signs
  • Trend color and vital signs as you wish

Breech delivery

  • Practice vaginal breech deliveries
  • Learn to free the legs using Pinard maneuver
  • Once delivered the neonate requires resuscitation
  • Change maternal vital signs or fetal heart tones during the scenario


  • Special abdominal cover having tissue layers students can dissect
  • Practice delivery of either vertex or breech presentation