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Program Mission Statement

"The mission of the Carolinas College of Health Sciences Radiologic Technology Program is to prepare graduate technologists with a foundation in the performance of basic imaging procedures. Graduates of the program are prepared to practice entry-level diagnostic procedures in a variety of settings, and to develop as professionals in the various fields of Medical Imaging..

2016-2017 Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

Goal 1: The program will graduate students who are clinically competent.

  • SLO#1: Students will demonstrate quality patient care.
  • SLO#2: Students will demonstrate knowledge of radiographic positioning and techniques.
  • SLO#3: Students will practice radiation protection and safety for the patient, self, and others.

Goal 2: Students will develop effective written and oral communication skills.

  • SLO#1: The student will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in clinical performance.
  • SLO#2: The student will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in didactic performance.
  • SLO#3: Students will demonstrate progression in achieving information literacy skills during the course of their program.

Goal 3: Students will develop critical thinking skills

  • SLO#1: Students can adjust exposure factors and vary positioning techniques for a variety of patient conditions to maintain radiographic quality.
  • SLO#2: Students can evaluate radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate a commitment to professional behaviors.

  • SLO#1: Students will demonstrate sound professional behaviors through development of interpersonal skills and relationships in the medical environment.
  • SLO#2: Students will show evidence of participation in community and professional development activities that promote lifelong learning.
  • SLO#3: Student will demonstrate ONE Experience Behaviors in the clinical environmen.


Last updated: December 2016