Caring is a word often used by students on the application essay as an underlying reason to study in a Cabarrus College program. And in the healthcare industry, caring is what it takes to make the job your career. Caring isn't necessarily taught in the classroom. It is a way of life.

At Cabarrus College, we offer programs, activities and services beyond the classroom that not only will enhance your foundation in caring, but also in the areas of teamwork, commitment and integrity which are at the heart of our values.

Student Life does not have to be a residential experience. What matters at Cabarrus College is where you are today and where you want to be. Whether you want to develop your understanding of yourself as a more culturally sensitive person, or heighten your social, moral, intellectual, spiritual, or physical abilities, opportunities abound to help you grow at this small private college.

Office of Student Affairs
Student Affairs guides programs, activities and services that contribute to your life as a student at Cabarrus College. Our staff promotes student retention, engagement, community involvement, and satisfaction with the college experience. Resources are available to contribute to your education, career, and development through the Office of Student Affairs.


2015 Wheelchair Basketball Tournament


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