General Education courses are offered as hybrid, face to face, and/or online. Unless noted, the course is offered face to face.

The following is a list of the General Education Courses offered at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, including the semester offered and delivery method.


  • ENG 101 English Composition I; face to face and/or on-line; Fall, Spring
  • ENG 102 English Composition II; as needed.
  • ENG 210 World Literature; Spring
  • ENG 302 Professional Research and Reporting; on-line; Fall, Spring, Full Summer
  • ENG 315 Creative Writing; on-line; Fall, Spring.

Humanities/Fine Arts

  • ENG 210 World Literature; Spring
  • COM 201 Communication in Business and Professional Life; on-line format; Spring
  • COM 301 Communication, Culture and the Community; on-line format; Fall
  • HUM 220 Music Appreciation; Fall
  • HUM 310 Art; on-line, Spring
  • HUM 315 Women in Art; on-line; Fall

The following courses also fulfill the requirements for a humanities elective at Cabarrus College:

  • ENG 210 World Literature; Spring
  • REL 210 World Religion; hybrid and/or online; Summer I, Fall
  • SPA 201 Introduction to Hispanic Culture and Language for the Healthcare Professional; hybrid and/or online; Spring
  • COM 301 Communication in Culture and Community; online, Fall


  • MAT 171 Pre-calculus Algebra; Fall, Spring
  • MAT 201 Introductory Statistics; face to face and/or on-line; Fall, Spring

Natural Sciences

  • BIO 100 Medical Terminology; Fall, Spring
  • BIO 101 General Biology I; Fall
  • BIO 102 General Biology II; Fall
  • BIO 163 Basic Anatomy and Physiology; on-line; Fall, Spring
  • BIO 190 Microbiology-Fall, Spring
  • BIO 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology I; Fall, Spring
  • BIO 220 Human Anatomy and Physiology II: Fall, Spring
  • BIO 230 Cell Biology; Spring
  • BIO 240 General Genetics; hybrid and/or online; Fall
  • BIO 311 Cross-sectional Anatomy and Physiology; Fall, Spring
  • BIO 410 Advanced Applications of Human Anatomy and Physiology; hybrid; Fall
  • BIO 420 Functional Kinesiology; hybrid; Fall
  • BIO 430 Fundamentals in Neuroscience; hybrid; Spring
  • BIO 440 Pathophysiology; hybrid; Spring
  • CHM 101 General Chemistry I; hybrid and/or online; Fall
  • CHM 102 General Chemistry II; Spring

Social Sciences

  • ENV 301 Environmental Health; hybrid; Fall
  • PSY 101 General Psychology; hybrid and/or online; Fall, Spring
  • PSY 150 Human Growth and Development; hybrid and/or online; Fall, Spring, Full Summer
  • PSY 210 Abnormal Psychology; Fall
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology; hybrid and/or online; Fall, Spring
  • SOC 203 Marriage and the Family; Spring
  • SOC 313 Issues in Diversity; hybrid and/or online; Fall, Spring
  • SOC 320 Sociology of Health and Illness; hybrid and/or online; Spring