The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Medical Imaging Degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete 120-121 credit hours of general education and major course work. Up to 60 transfer credit hours are awarded for successful completion of an associate degree in any of the following primary imaging categories: Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy, or MRI. The Cabarrus College bachelor completion program includes 15 hours of general education and 45-46 hours of major and non-majorcourses. Curriculum plans for each clinical and management option list the required coursework and recommended sequence of studies.

The CT and MRI certificate programs each provide 16-22 credit hours of structured education directly related to the specifications for the ARRT post primary examination. ARRT required clinical experience guidelines for post primary certification will be followed. Students will generate academic credits which may be applied to degree programs and will receive a certificate of completion.

There are multiple options for the Medical Imaging Program: