Paige Hornsby

Paige Hornsby has only been with the Carolinas College of Health Sciences Histotechnology program for seven months and is already making her mark. Hornsby’s photomicrography, taking photos via a microscope, was recently published in “The Tarheel Histo News,” the North Carolinas Society of Histotechnology’s quarterly newsletter.

“In undergrad biology classes, I was always fascinated by the microscopic anatomical world,” says Hornsby. “I wondered how microscope slides were prepared and with some inquiry found the science of histotechnology, which is not well known even though it plays such a large role in pathology and patients’ diagnoses. It was somewhat of a leap of faith based on my own interests and skills. Within the first week I knew I landed in just the right place.”

The Asheville native was glad to find a program so close to home considering there are only eight programs of its kind in the U.S.

“The proximity to Charlotte was an attractive factor and the many resources associated with Carolinas HealthCare System seemed indispensable,” says Hornsby. “I also liked that it was a small program. We have an awesome student lab with all the equipment of an actual histology laboratory and plenty of one-on-one instruction.”

The biology graduate says the program allows her to put her talents to good use.

“Working in the pathology clinic, I get to draw form my scientific knowledge base every day,” says Hornsby. “My biology and chemistry background helps me understand the principles behind the work I do. Thinking critically, analytically, always looking to improve.”

Hornsby will graduate from Carolinas College in August 2016 and hopes to immediately find a job in her field.

“Histotechs are in demand and there are many opportunities available country-wide,” says Hornsby. “I am excited to see where this path will take me in life.”

She also has some advice for those following behind her.

“Figure out what kind of work brings you joy, whether it is beside the patient or behind the scenes, and set your mind to it,” says Hornsby. “There is something great out there for everyone and it might be closer than you think.”

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