Specialists in blood banking are knowledgeable in all aspects of blood banking and transfusion medicine. These individuals are subject matter experts on regulatory and quality systems, genetics, immunology, blood groups, collection and storage of blood and components, donor processing, immune mechanisms, component therapy, transfusion of the newborn, complications of transfusion, laboratory management, education, and automated data processing.

Specialists in blood banking technology work within the blood bank and transfusion medicine fields as regulatory experts, technical/procedural advisors, laboratory administrators, quality assessors and managers, educators in blood transfusion medicine, and researchers in transfusion medicine.

Program Overview

The Specialist in Blood Bank Technology/Transfusion Medicine Program (SBBT/ TM) program is a 12-month, non-credit, online program for individuals currently employed in the blood bank field. All course materials and tests are completed online with clinical work and practical exams completed at program-approved locations chosen by the student. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a certificate in continuing education.

The SBB/TM curriculum is designed to prepare students to assume advanced positions as technical specialists in the field of blood bank and to take the Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) national exam administered by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Individuals interested in the ASCP SBB exam should visit www.ascp.org for details on eligibility requirements following Route 2 for SBB certification.

Admission & Program Requirements

Students are eligible for admission into the SBBT / TM program providing they meet specific education, work experience and other requirements as outlined in the application. Applicants must present all official college transcripts showing completion of a baccalaureate degree in biology or a related field as well as current ASCP certification. Additional requirements are listed on the application. All applicants are considered without regard to race, sex, national origin, age, religion, or disability.

System/Technology Requirements

Students will need access to a computer with an updated internet browser and high-speed internet access, in addition to Microsoft Office. Additional applications and plugins necessary for the SBBT / TM program may be required. Our informational technology staff will provide additional information and support.

More Information

For more information on this program, visit the Carolinas College Information Portal.


Program Information

Program Fee: $2800