Carolinas HealthCare System

CMC Women's Institute's team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, genetic counselors, sonographers and nurses are at the cutting-edge of clinical management in high-risk pregnancies.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists

Genetic Counselors

  • CMC Women's Institute Genetic CounselorsStephanie Nix, MS, CGC
  • Jean St. John, MS, CGC
  • Cheryl Dickerson, MS, CGC
  • Jessica Hooks, MS, CGC
  • Jenny Hargett, MS, CGC
  • Teresa Brady, MS, CGC
  • Beth Dellinger, MS, CGC

CMC Women's Institute Sonographers

Front row:

  • Monica Roush, RN, RDMS
  • Emili Raine, RN
  • Deanna Lloyd, DMS
  • Dawn Martin, RDMS
  • Jolene Bryant, RDMS
  • Leslie Morris, DMS

Back row:

  • Lauren Barbee, RDMS
  • Jamie McFadden, RDMS
  • Pamela Manley, RDMS
  • Andrew Schuller, RDMS
  • Alisha Robinson, RDMS
  • Becky Carter, RDMS