Carolinas HealthCare System

Maternal-fetal medicine consultation

Please ask your obstetrician and any other medical professionals involved in your care to fax your medical records to our office prior to your appointment. This helps our physicians better understand your medical history so that he/she may discuss specific recommendations for care during your pregnancy. Also, please bring a list of any medications that you are currently taking to your first appointment.

Genetic counseling

Please bring information to your appointment regarding your and your partner's family history. Consider asking about any relatives with birth defects, mental impairment, genetic syndromes or other chronic medical conditions.  If available, bring along medical records containing information regarding a relative's diagnosis. You may wish to bring a list of questions that you would like answered during the genetic counseling session. We encourage your partner to attend, as we will be asking information about the family history of both parents.


No special preparation necessary for your ultrasound. Please dress so we can access your abdomen to perform the ultrasound. For your comfort, you may consider wearing a blouse and pants instead of a dress. Please remove belly-button rings prior to the ultrasound. We can provide you with pictures of your baby to take home with you.