The Charlotte Continence Center

Director Michael Kennelly, MD, provides expertise in urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunction and urodynamics (a series of diagnostic tests that evaluate bladder and urethra function.) The Charlotte Continence Center provides comprehensive urological services to Charlotte and the surrounding community with five convenient locations and a mobile unit. The Charlotte Continence Center’s staff includes highly trained nurses and physicians who provide patients with urodynamic studies and/or bladder training and biofeedback.

Physicians can refer patients to the nearest location for testing. The referring physician’s options for test result interpretation include:

  • Interpret results
  • Rely on a colleague with particular expertise
  • Rely on Dr. Kennelly

Patients without a physician's referral can be seen by one of the urology nurses for assessment and assistance with urinary incontinence. The Charlotte Continence Center gives patients convenient access to the latest diagnostic equipment and technical expertise, while providing referring physicians with control over the testing process, access to highly specialized nurses and quick turnaround time.

Educational Resources

Patient education is a cornerstone of Dr. Kennelly's practice. The Charlotte Continence Center publishes Continence Care, a monthly newsletter featuring urinary incontinence problems and treatment options. Dr. Kennelly also recommends the Urology Channel where patients can explore a range of incontinence topics. The Charlotte Continence Center website also provides a wealth of incontinence information.