Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) Radiology Service operates an array of Computed Tomography (CT) scanners throughout Mecklenburg County. All of these devices can be accessed for research activities. CMC is the preferred and most accessible site for research. Scanners are available in both hospital and outpatient settings. CMC maintains technology leadership and was the first facility to bring multi-slice technology to the Charlotte region.

There are 17 CT Scanners operating within Mecklenburg County, including five on the CMC main campus. CMC offers CT-guided interventional procedures as well as 16 and 64-slice multi-detector technology. The CT section maintains a progressive approach to protocol development to include a coronary CTA program, CT-guided radiofrequency ablations, and CT-guided cryoablation. CMC provides anesthesia-supported CT procedures if needed.

Computed Tomography Scanners within Mecklenburg County currently support a significant number of clinical research protocols. Animal and cadaver studies can be provided with advance notice and planning through radiology management. CMC-Charlotte facilities maintain an outstanding, experienced staff of CT technologists, and Charlotte Radiology provides sub-specialty expertise for CT imaging in support of research protocols.

Initiating a Research Protocol Requiring CT

Research Coordinators (RCs) or Principal Investigators should contact Radiology Administration to obtain budgetary pricing for the service. Budget information for both CMC and Charlotte Radiology can be facilitated through the CMC Radiology Administration office. This office will also direct the RC to the appropriate technical resource within radiology to discuss the specifics of the protocol requirements. A specific radiologist, if needed, will also be notified at that time.


Michael Kelley, MD, Chair, CMC Radiology
Jeff Aho, Director, CMC Radiology
Kyle Hentschel, Assistant Director, CMC Radiology
Jason McCullough, CT System Supervisor
Keri Murr, Special Projects Coordinator (Administration Research Support)

CT Operational Hours

CMC operates two CT scanners 24 hours a day,seven days a week. Please contact CMC Radiology Administration for operating hours at other facilities.

Contact Information

Radiology Administration: 704-355-3082 / 704-355-5238 (Fax)
CMC MRI Direct: 704-355-4196
Information: 704-355-2270
To reach a radiologist: 704-355-2270