It is the students who bring life to the school through their involvement and enthusiasm. The student organizations of Mercy School of Nursing provide opportunities for leadership and personal/professional growth. The faculty and students work together to ensure a productive and creative environment.

Student Government Association

All members of the student body of Mercy School of Nursing are members of the Student Government Association (SGA). Since students are developing individual interests as well as nursing interests, SGA strives to provide a variety of activities and organizations to help meet individual needs. The SGA offers opportunities for recreational, social, cultural and professional enjoyment.

Honor Society

The Mercy School of Nursing Honor Society is a school organization designed to recognize academic excellence. Students with a grade point average of 3.5 or above after two semesters of enrollment are eligible for induction into the organization.

Faculty Committees with Student Representation

The atmosphere of the Mercy School of Nursing is one of openness and sharing of information and knowledge through both formal and informal communication. Through voting membership and participation on faculty committees, students have a voice in the affairs of the school. Students are encouraged to provide input into planning and evaluating various aspects of the school. The SGA president is a member of the Faculty Organization. There are student representatives on the Curriculum Committee the Student Services Committee, and the Faculty/Staff Organization.