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Pediatric Neurosurgery

Our pediatric neurosurgeons and supporting professional staff offer a comprehensive range of consultative and surgical services to children requiring neurosurgical care.

Why Choose Neurosurgery Care at Levine Children's Hospital?

  • Levine Children's Hospital is committed to providing referring physicians with timely information regarding patients referred for neurosurgical care.
  • Levine Children's Hospital emphasizes family-centered care which is vital when children and their families are transitioned back to their homes and the care of their primary physicians.


Neurosurgery Services Offered at Levine Children's Hospital

Congenital and Developmental Problems

  • Hydrocephalus
    • CSF shunts
    • Endoscopic third ventriculostomy
  • Spina bifida and other congenital developmental malformations of the spinal cord and brain
    • Repair of myelomeningocele
    • Release of tethered spinal cord
    • Repair of encephalocele
    • Chiari malformation decompression
    • Treatment of syringomyelia
  • Cranial and craniofacial malformations
    • Head shape screening
    • Craniofacial reconstructive surgery (with plastic surgery)
    • Minimally invasive cranial reconstructive surgery when appropriate (with plastic surgery)
  • Cysts of the brain and spinal cord
    • Cyst to cavity shunt
    • Endoscopic cyst fenestration
  • Intractable spasticity
    • Selective dorsal rhizotomy
    • Implantable pump delivered intrathecal baclofen
  • Intractable epilepsy
    • Surgery for epilepsy, with cortical mapping as needed
    • Vagal nerve stimulators


  • Multidisciplinary management of the injured child
    • Intracranial pressure monitoring and management
    • Decompressive surgery when appropriate
  • Spine and spinal cord injury
    • Multidisciplinary acute care management
    • Stabilization of spinal fractures


  • Brain and spinal cord tumors
    • Microsurgical, minimally invasive surgery
    • Image guided surgery
    • Cortical mapping as needed
    • Stereotactic radiosurgery
    • Comprehensive interdisciplinary management with innovative adjuvant therapy protocols

Vascular Problems

  • Arteriovenous and other vascular malformations of the brain and spinal cord
    • Surgical resection, with cortical mapping as needed
    • Interventional neurosurgery when appropriate

Learn more about neurosurgery services at Levine Children's Hospital.

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