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Radiologic Technology Program Goals & Outcomes

Program Mission Statement

"The mission of the Carolinas College of Health Sciences Radiologic Technology Program is to prepare graduate technologists with a foundation in the performance of basic imaging procedures. Graduates of the program are prepared to practice entry-level diagnostic procedures in a variety of settings, and to develop as professionals in the various fields of Medical Imaging..

2015-2016 Program Goals and Expected Outcomes

Goal 1: The program will graduate students who are clinically competent.

  1. Students will demonstrate quality patient care.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of radiographic positioning and techniques.
  3. Students will practice radiation protection and safety for the patient, self, and others.

Goal 2: The program will regard students as the focal point of the program.

  1. Students will be provided with satisfactory class/lab/clinical experiences.
  2. Students are satisfied that job placement assistance is readily available and helpful.
  3. Students will indicate that they were satisfied with the following two commitments contained in the College Mission Statement:
    1. Providing resources and services to promote a learning environment that facilitates student success
    2. Striving for excellence in the education of entry-level practitioners that demonstrate competency in the provision of healthcare services in a variety of settings
  4. Graduates will indicate that they were adequately prepared to perform entry-level expectations in the role of a competent radiographer.

Goal 3: Students and graduates will demonstrate a commitment to professional behaviors and recognize individual needs for continuing education as a function of professional growth and maintenance of professional certification.

  1. Students will demonstrate sound professional behaviors through development of interpersonal skills and relationships in the medical environment.
  2. Students will show evidence of participation in community and professional development activities that promote lifelong learning.
  3. Graduates will show evidence of professional growth and development that supports lifelong learning.

Goal 4: The program will provide qualified faculty.

  1. Faculty will meet requirements to maintain ARRT credentialing.
  2. Faculty will receive successful performance appraisals.
  3. Program mission, goals and outcomes will be consistent with college mission, goals and outcomes.
  4. New faculty will receive adequate orientation to college and program.

Goal 5: The program will base courses on current knowledge and practice.

  1. Student learning outcomes will meet current ASRT curriculum standards.
  2. The program will maintain criteria for JRCERT accreditation.

Goal 6: Students will develop effective written and oral communication skills.

  1. The student will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills in didactic and clinical performance.
  2. Students will demonstrate progression in achieving information literacy skills during the course of their program.

Goal 7: Students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills

  1. Students can adjust exposure factors and vary positioning techniques for a variety of patient conditions to maintain radiographic quality.
  2. Students can evaluate radiographic images for appropriate positioning and image quality.

Goal 8: Graduates will positively reflect overall program effectiveness

  1. Graduates will pass the ARRT examination.
  2. Graduates will be employed in healthcare settings as entry level radiographers.
  3. Students admitted to program will graduate from program.
  4. Employers will indicate satisfaction with the graduates' ability to perform entry-level expectations in the role of a competent radiographer.


Last updated: August 2015

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