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Carolinas College General Studies Program

General Studies courses are designed to give students a broader understanding of the world. At Carolinas College of Health Sciences (CCHS), both degree and diploma students take a core of general studies classes.

Students take general studies courses to:

  • Earn credit toward their healthcare program at Carolinas College of Health Sciences
  • Earn credit which will transfer to another college or university
  • Meet personal educational objectives
Interesting Facts
  • More than half of the students enrolled in the Pre-Nursing program earn guaranteed admission into the Nursing program
  • 97 percent of Nursing students feel that the General Studies courses completed at Carolinas College provided a foundation for later coursework
  • Students who earn guaranteed admission into the nursing program have comparable graduation and licensure pass rates as those students who enter nursing directly

Program Overview

The General Studies curriculum is unique in many ways, but one distinction is that General Studies courses at CCHS are taught with an emphasis on healthcare while remaining consistent with the discipline. Specific courses articulate their own objectives, but all General Studies courses emphasize the ability to:

  • Communicate effectively, either in written or oral format.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and applications of the natural and life sciences.
  • Understand and analyze the influence of different environmental, social and cultural concepts in shaping human thought and behavior.
  • Think critically, apply abstract concepts, and draw conclusions from course concepts.


The associate of science in general studies will be awarded upon successful completion of 60 credits of prescribed coursework. In addition to the associate degree track, there are two other tracks: Pre-Nursing and Pre-Radiologic Technology.


The pre-nursing track is a 12-13 semester credit hour block of classes. Students enrolled in the pre-nursing track have the opportunity to earn guaranteed admission into the Carolinas College School of Nursing.

Pre-Radiologic Technology

The pre-radiologic technology track is a 13 semester credit hour block of classes. Students enrolled in the pre-radiologic technology track have the opportunity to earn guaranteed admission into the Carolinas College Radiologic Technology program.

More Information

For more information on the General Studies program, visit the Carolinas College information portal.

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