Carolinas HealthCare System

The following is a list of services currently offered by Carolinas Hematology-Oncology Associates, located at three locations in Charlotte, NC:

  • Medical oncology and hematology practice
  • Chemotherapy treatment and laboratory services
  • Clinical trials  
  • New patient appointments available
  • Online Billing Manager

Chemotherapy and Laboratory Services

Full chemotherapy and laboratory services are delivered in a relaxing environment by highly-trained and qualified staff.

Patients receive treatment in comfortable recliners, under a soft blanket fresh from the warmer if they wish. A family member or friend is welcome to be with the patient during treatment. The infusion areas are furnished with DVD players with a selection of DVDs, and refreshments are offered to the patients and their guests.

Two of our state-of-the-art infusion centers have sky-tile ceilings so that the patients have the illusion of looking up into the sky during therapy. Some locations have tables where patients may play games or continue the day’s work via wireless access. Our patients come first…we strive to make every experience meet the needs of each individual patient.

Clinical Trials

Because our practice is affiliated with Carolinas HealthCare System, our physicians participate in, or serve as principal investigators for, important clinical trials relating to most types of malignancies. They explore promising new agents that can be used alone or in combination with standard accepted therapies. The advantage to patients, of course, is that these new treatment protocols can potentially extend or improve the quality of their lives.

Support Services

Our patients have access a variety of support programs, including a comprehensive wellness, exercise and nutrition program offered at area YMCAs, a cosmetologist-led class to help women adjust to the side effects of treatment, support groups and individual counseling. We also provide financial counseling for those who need some assistance.