One Mission

Purposeful Innovation: Patients Learn From One Another

One noteworthy benefit is that patients can learn from each other as well as from their doctors, resolving personal issues more quickly and emerging as better-informed healthcare consumers.

Clinical staff at Elizabeth Family Medicine in Charlotte further developed a new management practice known as the "daily huddle." The purpose is to share information about best approaches to treating patients who share similar diagnoses, and to discuss progress toward goals.

Cabarrus Family Medicine in Concord continued to provide patients with easier access to social workers and behavioral health specialists. This ensures that all relevant issues affecting individual health are properly addressed, not simply those variables impacting immediate physical well-being.

Health is a team effort, and the most important person on that team is you. Hear from one of our patients about how we partner with you to coordinate your care and help you manage your health both inside and outside of our facilities. Watch Veronica Willis' story. .