Carolinas HealthCare System

Once I'm a patient, what number do I call with questions?
General questions regarding your treatment once you are an established patient should be directed to the infertility nurses desk, 704-355-3149. A nurse will answer your call, or you may be directed to leave a message. Please provide us with a phone number where we will be able to leave a detailed message on an answering machine or voicemail at home or work. We will assume this number and answering machine/voicemail is confidential and accessible only by you. Between 8 and 9:30 a.m., messages may be left with phone mail or our answering service to be returned later that day. Messages left after 3 p.m. will be returned the following day. After clinic hours, an on-call physician is available for emergency calls via our answering service.

Do you provide counseling or support services? 
We understand that you may have periods of time when you are anxious and frustrated. We will work with you to calm any fears or difficulties by providing as much information as possible before, during and after your cycles. Infertility testing and treatments can be physically, emotionally and financially stressful. Counselors are available by appointment for emotional support and to provide tips for stress reduction.

How do I know when to schedule my fertility tests?
At your first appointment, a testing and/or treatment plan will be outlined with you. Diagnostic tests and treatments are scheduled during specific points in your menstrual cycle. You should have a calendar available and call our office with the onset of each cycle. The specific days you will need to be at the office will be outlined each month and may vary depending on your treatment. Any testing for semen analysis is scheduled by you directly through our Andrology Laboratory by calling 704-355-3460. Appointments for intrauterine sperm insemination will be scheduled for you by our staff.

Where do I obtain my medications?
We are pleased to offer you the convenience of purchasing your IVF medications from Carolinas Medical Center's Medical Center Plaza Pharmacy (MCP). CMC pharmacists coordinate with CMC Women's Institute to provide special fertility drugs that can be difficult to find locally at prices that are competitive with mail order.

The pharmacy is closed on weekends and all major holidays. Patients may phone in refill requests 24 hours a day via an automated phone answering system, and may also use Carolina Care mail order if they know their plan in advance. Parking for the pharmacy is located on the parking deck immediately adjacent to the lobby with parking tickets validated.

Medical Center Plaza Pharmacy
1001 Blythe Blvd
Charlotte, N.C. 28203
Phone:  704-355-6900
Fax:  704-355-6903
Hours of operation:  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday - Friday

How do I know if I'm taking my injectable medications properly?
Before beginning injectable medications, you will attend a class where you will watch a video demonstration and receive direct instruction from our staff. You may also be given a video for home reference during mixing and administering the medications. Mild transient redness and bruising at the injection site is normal. Your response to the medication will be monitored by blood work and ultrasound to assure an appropriate response.

How do I know if my treatment will be covered by insurance?
Most insurance plans generally cover the diagnostic testing of infertility. Some insurance plans cover the costs of many fertility treatments. Your insurance company will provide you with a listing of covered services. Our insurance professionals will help you understand your coverage and coordinate your care with your insurance company. Insurance authorization of your treatment plan may take as long as several weeks for some companies. Plan for this in advance of starting your treatment. Some insurance plans such as Aetna EPO and HMO have an infertility program that you must enroll in to cover your services. The patient must call directly to the Aetna Infertility Program at 1-800-575-5999. There is a price list for office procedures and in vitro fertilization that will be provided to you upon request.