Carolinas HealthCare System

UNICAR physicians in Cardiac Cath LabUnique among local and national philanthropic organizations, the IMO Program spends 100 percent of funds received for designated projects. It has no administrative or fundraising costs.

Direct access to equipment donated by Carolinas HealthCare System and other institutions, and to medical experts from Caolinas Medical Center, allows the Program to provide free educational opportunities to international medical personnel and free equipment to hospitals and clinics. The funds received are used mainly for refurbishing and transporting equipment and for purchasing additional medical supplies.

One of the Program’s primary activities is training health providers to practice on their own. IMO educates them in Charlotte, accompanies them home, helps them in their work, and departs when they no longer need assistance. The Program installs and furnishes entire hospital units and departments, such as intensive care units and operating rooms, helping to meet needs to the fullest. It also ensures the continuous delivery of necessary materials and regularly upgrades medical training for lasting, successful patient care.

The aim is to create and promote sustainable healthcare.