Medical Education

Lap Mentor II, manufactured by Simbionix USA Corp.

The LAP Mentor IITM training system manufactured by Simbionix USA Corp., incorporates a variety of practice opportunities, and provides a laparoscopic training curriculum made up of basic skills, tutorials of procedural tasks, and simulation of a full procedure. This cost-effective simulator design can accommodate ongoing development, including the addition of new procedures and a wider variety of virtual patients and tasks.

Realistic visualization of the human anatomy provides a life-like view of the intra-abdominal cavity. One can maneuver the gallbladder, expose the cystic duct and artery, clip and cut the cystic duct and artery and separate the gallbladder from the liver with electrocauterization.

Realistic surgical simulations incorporate tactile sensations in the use of laparoscopic instruments.