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Union Breast Surgery Specialists Services

Our practice, located in Monroe, NC, specializes in:

Risk assessment evaluation

  • Determining appropriate surveillance strategies and appropriate referrals based on personal risk levels
  • Determining if gene testing is appropriate
  • Up-to-date on national standards and recommendations related to insurance coverage


  • Working with Levine Cancer Institute to aid transition from acute phase of cancer care to long-term planning and management based on national guidelines
  • Providing care summary outlining individual treatments

Treatment and evaluation for

  • Masses, pain, discharge in the breast; abnormal mammograms, breast cancer

Surgery, including

  • Mastectomy - including bilateral or prophylactic for risk reduction
  • Lumpectomy - including needle localization for non-palpable tumors
  • Nipple exploration and biopsy
  • Drainage of abscess
  • Skin biopsy of breast for areas of change or concern
  • Oncoplastics - combining concepts of best oncologic procedures with consideration for best cosmetic outcomes


Evaluation and treatment of complaints related to lymphatics, including

  • Ultrasound, coordination of other necessary imaging
  • Biopsy, core or excisional based on individual risk and characteristics of lesion
  • Staging for breast cancers
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy with all injections in OR with asleep patient
    • Complete axillary lymph node dissection (when appropriate)

Soft tissue masses or lesions

  • Evaluation
  • Biopsy - office OR based on patient and lesion
  • Incision and debridement of abscesses

Minor plastic surgery

  • Skin cancer and benign lesion evaluation; biopsy if needed
  • Abdominal panniculectomy
  • Scar revision

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