Medical Education

Requirements for New Students

  1. Complete two Learning Module tests below and  email tests to your coordinator.
  2. Your will receive an email from Certiphi to complete a background check.  Please respond promptly before the link expires.
  3. Your will have a drug test and fit-test to a respirator mask on your first day.  Bring any prescriptions or medicine that might show up on the drug test.
  4. Bring a lock for your locker.
  5. Usually, the second day of the rotation is spent in EMR training--Canopy.  This training is done at the Airport Training Center from 8:00am - 3:30pm.

Campus Map

Download the Carolinas Medical Center Area Map (PDF)


Students park for free during their rotation at Carolina HealthCare System. The coordinator will contact you to inform you about which parking decks you will have access to during your rotation. On your first day, the coordinator will give you a code to open the parking gate or instruct you to use the visitor entrance. Thereafter, your badge will open the gate.

CMC Campus Parking Map (PDF)


Learning Modules

The following modules contain information all Carolinas HealthCare System teammates are  expected to know in order to protect our patients, our guests and  ourselves.

Module-Corporate Compliance and Privacy for Teammates (PDF)

Test- Corporate Compliance and Privacy for Teammates (PDF)

Module-Contract Staff, Students and Volunteers (PDF)

Test-Contract Staff, Students and Volunteers (PDF)

Operating Room Orientation

UNC School of Medicine New StudentsOperating Room Medical Student Orientation & Guidelines (PDF)