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Don’t Worry, Eat Happy

There’s little doubt that the foods we eat have the ability to affect our moods.

The Thanksgiving feast puts us to sleep. The morning macchiato keeps us bright-eyed through our meetings. And chocolate – well, we all know how awesome chocolate makes us feel. But can your diet really improve your mood? A growing body of research suggests it can.

“When we’re sad or tired or grumpy, it’s easy to seek comfort in double-chocolate-fudge ice cream or your favorite crunchy, salty chips, but those aren’t going to help you long term,” says Daniel L. Rosenberg, MD. “When you want to eat to improve your mood, it’s best to trade sweets and processed foods for healthier options like nuts, fruit, vegetables and fish.”

4 Foods Proven to Help Turn Your Frown Upside Down:

  • Mind the meat: Low-fat, protein-filled chicken helps control cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce certain cancer risks
  • Eat oats: Fill up on fiber and get important minerals like zinc and magnesium
  • Go bananas: They’re easy to eat, aid in digestion and promote heart health
  • Green up: Use spinach in your salads. It’s not called a super food for nothing

Daniel L. Rosenberg, MD
Cotswold Family Medicine