Advanced Stroke Care at Carolinas Rehabilitation

World-Class Care from the Largest Stroke Rehabilitation Program in the Nation

As the first program in the nation to receive CARF accreditation in stroke, the stroke specialists at Carolinas Rehabilitation are conducting groundbreaking research to bring the most advanced stroke care applications and techniques to patients across the Southeast and beyond.

Meet Carolinas Rehabilitation's Stroke Physicians

Quality of Care

Carolinas Rehabilitation was the first program in the nation to receive CARF accreditation in stroke.

Leading-edge Treatments

We are just one of four locations in the nation and the only in the Southeast to utilize an advanced neuro-stimulator technology to help manage pain for patients with post-stroke shoulder pain. Early indications show that this one-month implant could be a possible option for long term pain relief lasting up to a year (based on feasibility research).

Breadth of Service

Carolinas Rehabilitation, which provides services for a variety of neurological conditions, has the most (four) rehabilitation hospitals in North Carolina as well as 14 outpatient care locations.

Higher Case Complexity/Lower Complication Rate

Carolinas Rehabilitation manages more complex patients (case mix index of 1.5482) than the national average (case mix index of 1.5462) while still maintaining a lower complication rate than the national average. We also have a higher functional independence measure change (23.95) from admission to discharge than the national average (23.61).

Groundbreaking Research

We’re leading a stroke database study to gather predictive prognosis and outcome information from more than 2,000 stroke patients.

View some of our videos about Stroke Rehabilitation:

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