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CHS Specialty Pharmacy Service at CarolinaCARE

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What are specialty pharmacy medications? How do I know which prescription to send in?

Specialty pharmacy medications usually are not processed by a typical retail drugstore. Many of these drugs have limited distribution channels and are usually very expensive therapies. Certain insurance companies and drug manufacturers have exclusive arrangements for filling these medications with specific specialty care pharmacies. With CHS Specialty Pharmacy Service at CarolinaCARE you don’t need to worry about who to contact. Our focus is on the patient, not the prescription. Send your specialty pharmacy prescriptions to us, allowing us to route them where they need to be filled.

What exactly does CHS Specialty Pharmacy Service at CarolinaCARE include?

When you call us first, our staff begins the important task of benefit investigation. Once the patient’s benefits have been verified, we will contact you and let you know the plan to best secure your patient’s prescription. If we can fill it through our pharmacy network, we will. If the prescription needs to be filled at another specialty pharmacy, we will ensure it gets to where it needs to be filled at the lowest co-pay possible. We work with drug companies and foundations for co-pay assistance, as well as resources available within our hospital system, to ensure your patients get the best support possible. All services end with a follow-up call, letting you know the status of your patient’s medication.

I like an outside specialty pharmacy. Why switch?

Calling CHS Specialty Pharmacy Service at CarolinaCARE first allows us to focus on what you need most – service. Being part of Carolinas HealthCare System allows us to offer unparalleled access to the specialty care drug market. Unlike outside pharmacies, our team has direct access (in almost all cases) to the patient’s EMR. This allows:

  • A streamlined benefit investigation
  • Seamless communication between patient, provider office and pharmacy
  • The ability to document the process and clinical efforts in the patient’s record
  • Integration of support from qualified team members available to you and your patient, supporting the different disease states specialty care covers

Carolinas HealthCare System is dedicated to providing our patients with the best and most consistent continuum of care. Through our close relationships with community providers, hospital staff, area health services, drug manufacturers and foundations, our specialty care pharmacy is proud to be a part of One system dedicated to the delivery of total patient care.