Carolinas HealthCare System

Sleep Well, Live Well

Your physician has scheduled you for a sleep study with Carolinas Sleep Medicine. To better prepare you for this procedure we ask that you please read the following information. You will receive a call from our schedulers up to three days prior to your appointment, it is very important that we speak with you to confirm and review instructions. Please contact our office at 704-510-9900 if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Please plan to arrive at 8:00pm to the following location:

  • Abbey Place: 1601 Abbey Place, Bldg 2, Suite 200, Charlotte NC 28209
    Please contact 704-510-9900 prior to your appointment if you will need to arrive later than 8:00pm. If the sleep center is locked when you arrive, please ring the doorbell or call 704-512-2982 to reach a technician.

*If for any reason, you need to cancel or reschedule your study we ask that you call 704-510-9900 or toll free 877-275-3373 at least 48 hoursf prior to the date of your procedure. Failure to notify the Sleep Center of cancellation without 48 hours' notice will result in an administrative charge ($75) to the patient. Our sleep center office, not your physician's office, must be notified. Insurance will not pay this cancellation fee.

The technologist will escort you to your bedroom where you will complete some paperwork. Each bedroom has a full or queen sized bed, TV recliner, and home-style decor. During the hook-up, "sensors" are placed on your scalp, face, chest, abdomen, legs, and finger. The purpose of these sensors is to monitor your sleep patterns, oxygen levels, heartbeat, breathing, and limb movements. In addition to these sensors, we will also be recording the audio and video during the procedure. This is a pain free procedure. Once the hook-up is completed, you may watch TV, read, or just relax until you are ready for bed. In most cases, the procedure will be completed by 7:30 a.m. the next morning.

The following are a few things we ask of our patients:

  1. Since the sensors are placed on the skin and scalp, we ask that all patients please bathe and shampoo their hair before coming to the sleep center. Do not use hair or skin products, such as sprays, oils, gels or lotions (you may use deodorant/antiperspirant). Remove all makeup, and acrylic fingernails.
  2. No alcohol or caffeine (coffee, soft drinks) consumed after 12:00 p.m. the day of the study.
  3. Unless otherwise instructed by your sleep physician, take all prescription medications.
  4. We ask that you avoid taking naps the day of your study.
  5. Please eat supper before reporting to the sleep center.
  6. Bring 2-piece pajamas, or a T-shirt and shorts to sleep in. We have found that bringing your own regular pillow may help you adapt more quickly to sleeping in the Center. Please do not leave your pillow in the morning.
  7. For your own safety, smoking is not permitted in the Sleep Center or anywhere on campus.
  8. We ask that friends and family that accompany you to the Sleep Center not remain during the procedure. A parent or guardian of children or care providers for patients with special needs will need to stay.

To avoid any misunderstandings about insurance coverage, we urge you to contact your insurance carrier far in advance of the night of your study to verify coverage. The financial representative at your referring physician's office can assist you in obtaining pre-authorization.