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Sheri Bartel, M. Ed., CBIST

Sheri Bartel, M. Ed., CBIST

Coordinator, TBI Project STAR
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Carolinas Rehabilitation
Prior Positions and Experience

Coordinator, TBI Project STAR, Carolinas Rehabilitation

Senior Research Technician, Brain Injury Resource Coordinator, TBI Project STAR, Carolinas Rehabilitation

Project Assistant Coordinator, TBI   Project STAR, Carolinas Rehabilitation

Community Transition Coordinator, Project ACCESS, Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation

Supported Employment Program Coordinator, Vocational Service Specialist, Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation


MeD: 1995, Queens College, Charlotte, NC
BS: 1989, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
CBIS/T: 2008-2013, Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists

Research Interests

Ms. Bartel has worked in the brain injury rehabilitation field for over 20 years. In recent years, Ms. Bartel has worked as the program coordinator and principal investigator for TBI Project STAR at Carolinas Rehabilitation and as the Senior Research Technician for two separate brain injury research studies. Ms. Bartel spent 4 years developing and implementing brain injury training programs and materials for professionals in North Carolina, including law enforcement personnel. Ms. Bartel has conducted trainings for professionals on a regular basis, including teachers, LME staff and providers and other professionals working with individuals with brain injuries.

Recent Publications
Perrin P, Niemeier JP, Mougeot J, Vannoy C, Watts J, Hirsch MA, Rossman W, Grafton LM, Guerrier TD, Pershad R, Kingsbury CA, Bartel SW, Whitney MP. Measures of Injury Severity and Prediction of Acute Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes. J Head Trauma Rehabil. 2015;30(2):136-42. PMID: 24590151

Neumann D, Zupan B, Bartel S, Hammond F. Using film clips to assess affect recognition and empathy in people with and without TBI. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2011;92(10):1721. Doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2011.07.128

Hooper SR, Alexander J, Moore D, Sasser HC, Laurent S, King J, Bartel S, Callahan B. Caregiver reports of common symptoms in children following a traumatic brain injury. Neurorehabilitation. 2004;19(3):175-89.

Alexander J, Callahan B, King A, King J, Hooper S, Bartel S. North Carolina TBI project access. Assuring coordinated care, education and support for survivors of pediatric brain injury. NC Med J. 2001;62:364-8.

Current/Recent Grant Support

TBI Project STAR
Funding Agency: NCDHHS/DD/MH/SAS
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2013-14

Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC) Resource Center
Funding Agency: BIANC
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2013-14

Funding Agency: NCDHHS/Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities/BIANC
Role: Principal Investigator
Years: 2013-14

Substance Abuse and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Modified 12 Step Approach
Funding Agency: Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
Role: Grant Manager
Years: 2013-14